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How to create and edit a track
How to create and edit a track
Learn how to build the structure for a sequential learning playbook and add content to it.
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As a content owner, you want to incorporate several types of content into a sequential, multi-step learning playbook.


Create a track, following these steps:

  1. From the Catalog, click New and select Track from the menu.

    If you want to edit an existing track, navigate to it, open the context menu (button with three dots), and click Edit.

    The New Track page opens to Details & Settings.

  2. Enter a track Title and Description and add other details about the track.
    Go deeper for more details you can configure.

  3. Open Track Items at the top of the page.

  4. Click Add Content.
    The Add Content to Track dialog opens.

  5. Use the Content Type filter and search for the Name of an existing content item you want to add.
    Click Create to add a new content item to the track.
    You can create an Event Type, Article, Video, Course, Codelab, or Task from this menu.

  6. Select the content you want to add and click Add to track.

  7. Optionally, reorder the added content by dragging-and-dropping it on the left side of the Track Items page.

  8. Optionally, use the Add section option to organize track items in sections.
    For example, for a scheduled track you might have a section for Week 1, another section for Week 2, and so on.
    Learn how to organize a track into sections.

  9. Click Publish (or Save if you're editing an existing track) in the upper-right.

Learners can now engage the content you've added to the track. They can either join tracks available to them or you can assign tracks directly.

Go deeper

More track details

In addition to entering a required track Title and Description, you can also...

  • Upload a cover image for the track to capture attention in the Catalog.

  • Add Categories and Tags to make the track more discoverable.

  • Add track Facilitators to maintain content for the track.

  • Offer additional Resources for the track, such as an office hour program that supplements the track content.

  • Set a Time to complete for a default due date and/or a Time to expiration.

    Note that tracks honor default due dates for individual track steps so you can organize track content based on when steps should be completed.

  • Attach Surveys to gather feedback from learners about the track.

  • Configure Access Control to make the track public, hidden, or only available to certain groups.

  • Configure Notifications for the track.

Make track steps optional

You can set individual track steps as optional within a track so that people can complete the track as a whole without completing the optional content, if they want to.

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