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How to organize a track into sections
How to organize a track into sections

Learn how to break up tracks into manageable chunks using the track sections feature.

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As a content owner, you want to organize a track into sections. You might want to do this to break up a lot of track content into more manageable chunks or to put a track on a timeline over multiple weeks.


Add sections to a track, following these steps. j

But, first, make sure track sections are enabled at Settings > Feature Management > Track Sections.

  1. Go to the track you want to add sections to.

  2. Open the context menu (button with three dots) and select Edit.

  3. Open Track Items at the top of the page.

  4. Click Add section (button with two rectangles).

    If this is the first time adding a section to the track, two sections are added, with all track items nested under the first section.

  5. Open the context menu (button with three dots) for a section and select Edit section details.

  6. Add a Section Title and Description and click Apply.

  7. Add content to a specific section by clicking Add content (plus sign button)

  8. Optionally, drag and drop track items (using the button with six dots) into a different section, using the pane on the left. You can also reorder entire sections by dragging and dropping them.

  9. Save your track.

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Using sections on scheduled tracks

You can offer cohort-based training with scheduled tracks by adding scheduled events to it. This allows a group of people to work through a track on a the same timeframe. With sections, you can organize scheduled tracks around this timeframe, breaking up track items into multiple days or weeks and providing another way to keep everyone in the cohort on the same page.

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