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PlusPlus 101: Offer sequential learning playbooks with tracks
PlusPlus 101: Offer sequential learning playbooks with tracks

Learn the basic steps for creating a sequential learning track in PlusPlus.

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Why use tracks?

Tracks are ideal for learning new concepts in a specific order, as when onboarding new team members. Tracks combine the various PlusPlus content types (event types, articles, videos, tasks, codelabs, and courses) into a single learning path, allowing you to utilize the versatility of the platform to engage team members.


Here are the basic steps for building a track:

  1. Create the track, specifying its basic details, such as title, description, and facilitators.
    For more, see How to create and edit a track.

  2. Add content to the track.
    You can add event types, articles, videos, courses, codelabs, and tasks to a single track. For more, see How to create and edit a track.

  3. Assign the track to learners.
    Users can either join tracks available to them or you can assign tracks directly. See How to assign content to learn more.

  4. Measure effectiveness of the track content.
    You can view track progress to see which track steps are being completed and where people may be getting stuck.

    You can also get feedback on the track as a whole or on the individual track steps using our ratings and survey tools.

  5. Optionally, offer the track to a cohort by making it a scheduled track.

  6. Update the track as needed.
    You can add or remove content for an existing track, change track details, and more. See How to create and edit a track to learn more.

Go deeper

Tracks in the big PlusPlus picture

With PlusPlus tracks, you can bring together both the live engagement and the self-paced content types PlusPlus offers. Integrate live engagement into a track with live events and supplement these with the articles, videos, courses, and tasks learners can engage at their own pace.

For a closer look at all the content types available in PlusPlus for both live/in-person and self-paced engagement, see PlusPlus 101: Content you can create.

Track-only content

You can direct people to specific actions within a track by add tasks to it. Tasks only exist within tracks and help reduce the clutter of task-based articles in the Catalog.

If, in addition to tasks, you have other track content that you want to exist only in a track and not be generally discoverable in the Catalog, you can hide the content item. This removes the content from the Catalog but keeps it is visible as "unlisted content" in the tracks to which it has been added.

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