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How to view track progress
How to view track progress

Learn how to gauge the effectiveness of track content by viewing the progress assignees have made through the track.

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As an admin or content owner, you want to gauge the effectiveness of content items in a specific track.


View track progress

This view shows each content item within the track and how many of those assigned to it have completed it, helping you gauge where people may be getting stuck in a track and where they are most engaged.

To see this:

  1. Access the track whose progress you want to view.

  2. Open the context menu (button with three dots) and select View track progress.

Adding new content to assigned tracks

Please note for users who have completed a track they won't be affected by any new items added to the track since they've fully completed it as it was initially assigned to them.

For completions, statuses wont change for either users who have completed a track, which will still show completed, or those who've not started it or have it in progress when new content is added - statuses will still show not started and in progress respectively.

Additionally, for new users or users still consuming the track when new content is added they will be assigned to this new track item and their progress indicator adjusts, growing slightly larger denoting the new additional requirements.

Go deeper

Use PlusPlus rating and survey tools

In addition to viewing track progress, you can view ratings and use surveys to get feedback on track content. These tools are available across all PlusPlus content types. For more, see PlusPlus 101: How to get user feedback.

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