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How to create and edit an article
How to create and edit an article

Learn how to write and add articles to your Catalog.

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As a content owner, you want to write a new article (or edit an existing one) for people in your org to read.


First, make sure you've enabled articles for your instance of PlusPlus.

  1. In the Catalog, click New and select Article from the menu.
    Or, to edit an existing article, go to the article, open the context menu (button with three dots) and select Edit.

  2. Draft your article in the Description field.
    You can embed various media in the article, like images, cloud or Confluence docs, and videos. Learn more.

  3. Add an article Title and add other details.
    ​Go deeper to see other details you can configure for an article.

  4. Publish the article.
    Or, if you're editing an existing article, Save your changes.
    The article is now discoverable in the Catalog and you can assign it to team members or include it in a track.

Go deeper

More article details

In addition to the details mentioned above, you can also:

  • Turn on the Inline item option to make the article visible only in tracks to which it is added.

  • Set an Estimated Duration for reading the article.

  • Specify Authors who can edit the article.

  • Add Categories and Tags to make the article discoverable.

  • Configure Access Control to make the article public, hidden, or only available to certain groups.

  • Set up Notifications for the article.

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