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How to create and edit an assessment
How to create and edit an assessment

Learn how to update assessment details and add questions to an assessment.

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As an admin or content owner, you want people to be able to measure their own learning or expertise around a topic or you want to assess the effectiveness of your content.


Create or edit an assessment, following these steps. (But first, make sure you have enabled assessments for your instance of PlusPlus.)

  1. From the Catalog, click New and select Assessment from the menu.
    The New Assessment page opens to Details & Settings.

  2. Add details about the assessment, including a Title and Description.
    Go deeper to see more details you can configure for assessments.

  3. Specify a Feedback Policy to determine how assessment takers see whether their answers are correct. Options will be:

    • Provide feedback after assessment completion - assessment takers see if they answered questions correctly after they've completed the whole assessment

    • Provide feedback after each question - assessment takers see if they were correct after answering each question

    In future releases, you will also have the option to have assessment takers retry questions until they get them correct.

  4. Optionally, set a Passing Grade for the assessment.

    Turn on the Passing Grade toggle and set the percentage of correct answered needed for passing.

  5. Click Assessment Questions to add or edit questions on the assessment.
    You can do the following:

    • Click Add question to create a new multiple choice or short answer question.
      In future releases, you will also be able to add an existing question to your assessment from a question bank. The question bank will include all questions previously created for any assessment.

    • Click Add section to add a section to the assessment for organizational purposes.

  6. Click Publish (or Save if you are editing an existing assessment).

The next step is to assign the assessment to team members. You can assign the assessment directly to someone or you can add it to a PlusPlus track.

Go deeper

More assessment details

In addition to the details mentioned above, you can also:

  • Turn on the Inline item option to make the assessment visible only in tracks to which it is added.

  • Set an Estimated Duration for taking the assessment

  • Specify Maintainers who can edit the assessment

  • Add Categories and Tags to make the assessment discoverable

  • Configure Access Control to make the assessment public, hidden, or only available to certain groups

  • Set up Notifications for the assessment

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