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How to take an assessment in PlusPlus
How to take an assessment in PlusPlus

Learn what it's like to take an assessment in PlusPlus and the types of questions you can see.

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You've been assigned to take an assessment in PlusPlus (or you discovered an assessment you would like to take) and you want to know what assessments in PlusPlus are like.

Note that an assessment may not function or the Submit button may be greyed out unless you have an assignment to that assessment. There are no other perquisites such as completion of the all track content, a user can jump straight to the assessment and start it if they have an assignment.

Take an assessment

  1. Go to the assessment in PlusPlus you're going to take.

  2. Click Launch.
    Once you launch an assessment, you must complete it in one sitting to get credit. You can't return to it later if you leave it incomplete.

  3. Click Submit when you have selected or entered an answer to your satisfaction.
    Depending on the setup, you will see whether you got the question right immediately after submitting, or you will wait until the end of the assessment to see your overall score.

  4. Click Next to move to the next question.
    You can also click Next if you want to skip a question and return to it later. Or, you can select a question in the navigation pane on the left to go to it.
    You will be asked to confirm you want to skip a question and reminded that doing so will clear any selections you have made or text you've entered for that question.

After submitting answers to all the assessment questions, you will be shown your score. You can close the dialog showing you your score to go back and view the correct answers to each question on the assessment.

Question types

There are two kinds of questions you can see in an assessment in PlusPlus:

  • Multiple choice - select the one correct answer out of multiple possible answers to choose from
    All multiple choice questions in PlusPlus have only one correct answer.

  • Short answer - type your answer to the question

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