As an admin or content owner, you have an article in a track and you would like to convert it to a task, or vice versa.


If you want to remove an article from the Catalog and have it exist instead as a task within a track:

  1. Access a track the article has been added to.

  2. Scroll down to the Track Steps.

  3. Click the context menu (button with three dots) for the article you want to convert.

  4. Select Convert to task.
    A confirmation dialog appears.

  5. Click Convert.
    The article is converted to a task within this track and any other tracks to which it has been added. The article also no longer appears in the Catalog for general discoverability.

If you want a task to be discoverable in the Catalog, convert it to an article using the same steps described above. The Convert to article option (as opposed to Convert to task) appears in the context menu for all tasks. The article appears in the Catalog and is classified as an article in all tracks to which it has been added.

Note that you can always re-convert tasks and articles back into their previous type using the steps given above.

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What’s the difference between tasks and articles?

The key difference between tasks and articles is that articles are discoverable in the Catalog and tasks are not. As such, you have the option not to complete an article, but tasks should always be completed. If you want team members to be able to discover a piece of written content, make it an article. If the content only applies within a track and you don’t need or want team members to discover it on their own outside the track, make it a task.

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