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Creating your first Event:

1. In the PlusPlus, click the menu icon on the top-right corner Menu > +Add Event

2. Select the Event Type from which you want to create an Event.

  • If you want a single event, which you do not intend to recur, click the “Create one-off event” button on the bottom of the dialog box.

3. At the Event creation page, fill out the rest of the information for the event.

Notes on the fields:

  • At a minimum, you will need a Title, Location, and Time.

We also recommend that your Event also has the following info:

  • Organizer: The person managing the event

  • Presenter: The person teaching or speaking at the event

  • Description: A short summary of the event, and notes about pre-requisites

  • Cover Art: see guidelines for 'How to upload cover art.'

  • Categories and Tags: To help your people in discovery, learn about 'How to optimize user experience with Categories and Tags.'

  • The Room field can be populated with available rooms at your location, if your admins have activated our integration with Google Calendar. Otherwise, you will need to manually enter room names.

4. Save the Event.

5. Verify your event has been created by going to the Events tab on the top-left and viewing your event.

Advanced options

We offer some additional options in creating Events:

Multiple Event Sessions

You may wish to create an event that occurs over multiple times and/or locations, but are all part of the same event (ie, you want the same people to attend all timeslots).

To add additional timeslots to your event:

  • At the “Location and Sessions” tab, click + Add Session

  • Choose the next time and location of the event.

  • You can keep adding more timeslots by clicking + Add Session again.

  • The event will then appear with a listing of all timeslots.

Enrollment & Capacity

Your event may occur in-person, as an online stream, or both. At this tab, you can choose which options are available. If you select the Online option, we will automatically generate a Google Meet link and add it to the event. (Please note: your admins may have disabled this option.)

Additionally, your events may have a limit on the number of attendees. At this tab, you can specify the cap on attendees and the waitlist.

Learn more about 'How to manage Event Type settings and notifications' and 'How to separate online and local Enrollments for Events.'

Additional Enrollment Instructions

You may wish to send your attendees additional instructions on work to complete before the event, and you may want your attendees to also check in on an external site. Here’s you can indicate this information, and your attendees will be informed through our automated notification system.


This section is where you can designate privacy and group restrictions to control who can access this event. Learn more about 'How to limit access with Privacy and Groups.'


Like at the parent Event Type, you can attach up to three surveys to your event. Attendees of these events will receive reminders about these surveys at times that you designate.

Bulk Upload (advanced)

We also provide an option for organizers to upload events in bulk via a spreadsheet. The process is somewhat tricky; learn more about 'How to edit Events in bulk.'

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