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PlusPlus 101: How to get user feedback
PlusPlus 101: How to get user feedback

Learn how you can gather user feedback in PlusPlus with ratings and surveys.

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Two forms of user feedback

PlusPlus provides two ways to see how team members are responding to the content available on the platform. First, our ratings feature gives you a quick snapshot of user feedback, letting you see how they have rated individual content pieces from 1 to 5 stars. Second, our surveys feature lets you ask specific questions about each piece of content and gather responses from users.


Team members can quickly rate content they have engaged on a scale from 1 to 5 stars. They can also leave comments about the content when giving it a rating. Ratings and feedback are public by default, so all team members with access to your instance of PlusPlus can see them.

To learn more about ratings, see How to gather feedback with ratings.


You can create surveys to solicit feedback on events, tracks, courses, articles, videos, and tasks. Compared to ratings, surveys offer a more in-depth look at user feedback, and give you a chance to craft survey questions to retrieve the feedback you need to improve your content. You can schedule surveys multiple times (for before, immediately after, or much later after someone has engaged content), and unlike ratings, surveys are not public, but can be seen by administrators, content owners, and presenters.

To learn more about surveys, see How to gather feedback with surveys.

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