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Release Notes 12-01-2020
Release Notes 12-01-2020
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Feature Spotlight

Events auto-check ins [New Feature] [Events]: Now, whenever enrollees who were marked as going or going online provide feedback ratings to an event (the star rating feedback), they are automatically checked in to the event they've written feedback for. Our data shows that this can improve the check-in rates by up to 75%.

We also rolled out an optional feature to improve your check-in rates even further. When you enable the new Auto-check in when joining video conferences system setting, enrollees who access an event VC link will first come to PlusPlus where they will be automatically checked in and then redirected to the actual online meeting link.

Customers who use Google Meet as their VC solution can go even further by enabling the new Remove "Join with Google Meet" button from calendar entries on auto-check in system setting. This works by removing the “Join with Google Meet” button from Google Calendar entries. By hiding the default button, you are encouraging users to access the meeting link through our URL in the event description, therefore further increasing your check-in rates.

The documentation on how these new features work is available in our "How do automatic check ins work?" guide.

Minor Improvements

  • New Events Dashboard filters: We created two separate filters in the Events Dashboard, one for Categories and another for Tags. [Dashboard]

  • UI improvements: we improved buttons consistency site-wide. [Platform]

  • UI improvements: we improved alerts consistency site-wide. [Platform]

  • UI improvements: we improved avatars consistency site-wide. [Platform]

  • Additional Survey Resources added to the GraphQL API: on the GraphQL API, you can view the added resources, including SurveyQuestionNode, SurveyNode, SurveyInstanceNode, SurveyAnswerNode, SurveyResponseNode. [API]

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed regular group owners not being able to see group restricted events. [Events]

  • Fixed event's sticky filters not being properly applied when going back to the events page. [Events]

  • Fixed frontend permissions to ensure only Admins can view the "Settings" link on the Dashboard menu. [Dashboard]

  • Fixed a bug that allowed content embedding through the "Embed Video" widget on the Snippets form. This widget was removed since video embedding works by posting a YouTube URL to the Snippet description field. [Tracks & Snippets]

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