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Release Notes: January 11, 2022
Release Notes: January 11, 2022
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Feature Spotlight

Surveys for content items [New Feature] [Platform]: We’re extending our surveys support from just events & event types to other content items. Now it’s possible to experience surveys on tracks, courses, articles, and videos.

Upload a new version of an existing course [New Feature] [Courses]: Maintainers are now able to upload a new version of an existing course, which will take effect for users who aren’t registered yet while retaining previous assignments for the course.

Additional filtering on bulk assigning users to content items [Improvement] [Platform]: We’ve addressed some usability changes to the assignment modal to filter people by various attributes so that you can easily bulk assign them to a content item.

Minor Improvements

  • Revamped user profile header [Improvement] [Platform]: The user profile header has been updated. Benefit from the new UI to edit and see profile information in more detail and with more ease.

  • View Organizational Attributes [New Feature] [Platform]: Admins can now see organizational attributes that are shared from their HRIS (e.g. Workday) with our platform via People Integration. This will aid them in understanding their automated rules. Note, access to these attributes is currently only available via the profile page. We’ll be extending this to the People Dashboard as well.

  • Pre-select the program when creating a new program session [Improvement] [Programs]: When creating a new program session from the program’s page, the program will be pre-selected in the form.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused the attendee to not be shown on the edit form of a booked mentorship session. [Mentorship] [Platform]

  • Fixed a bug that allowed regular users to access some Dashboard pages. [Dashboards] [Platform]

  • Fixed a bug that allowed users without edit permission to view some edit information regarding events, event types, programs, tracks, and courses. [Events] [Programs] [Tracks & Snippets] [Platform]

  • Fixed a bug on Degreed syncing. [Integrations]


  • Survey Responses Dashboard [Improvement] [Dashboards]: We’re extending our surveys dashboards to make it possible to see and export survey responses for a given survey based on flexible criteria so that you can get better insights from users.

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