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Release Notes: Manager Portal Jan 19, 2023
Release Notes: Manager Portal Jan 19, 2023
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Feature Spotlight

Manager Portal - Engagement & Impact [New]: We released the full version of our Manager Portal feature.

On the Engagement page of the Manager Portal, managers can:

  • See the content their direct reports are scheduled to engage with.

  • See direct reports' completed content by tags, providing a better way to understand which topics are of most interest to each person.

  • Understand their direct reports’ consumed content over time, to help managers better understand the consumption flow of direct reports.

On the Impact page of the Manager Portal, managers can:

  • Observe their direct reports impact for mentorship, office hours, events and other content items.

  • Look ahead to the upcoming impact their direct reports will have through events and sessions.

Reach Report [New]: We’ve added four new filters to our People Dashboard. Users can now filter by “Assigned”, “Not Assigned”, “Completed” and “Not Completed”, all of them related to content item assignments.

Notification template editor UX improvements: We’ve improved our notification template editor by increasing its size by default, as well as making it resizable.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed page crash when publishing and bulk duplicating events.

  • Fixed page crash when reordering.

  • Fixed bug that caused the description to be deleted when uploading a new course version.

  • Fixed bug which prevented users from being assigned to courses.

  • Fixed bug which prevented users from bulk enrolling other users to events.


Track Sections: We've started implementing sections for tracks. Content creators will soon be able to organize their content into more digestible chunks and learners will benefit from a sleeker and simpler UX when consuming tracks.

Track creation/edition page

Track creation/edition page

Track consumption page

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