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Release Notes: Manager Portal Jan 02, 2023
Release Notes: Manager Portal Jan 02, 2023
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Feature Spotlight

Manager Portal [New]: The new feature enables managers to see and influence how their team is utilizing the platform. They can observe their direct reports, view their engagement and impact, and also assign content to them.

Managers can observe their direct reports

Managers can view their directs’ engagement

Managers can now assign content to their direct reports, so they can enable them for their roles.

Automated Rules for Scheduled Tracks [New]: The new feature for Scheduled Tracks adds the ability to automatically enroll people into Scheduled Tracks via Automated Rules.

Filter by Has Directs [Dashboards] [New]

Users with access to dashboards can now filter people, assignments, and enrollments by whether they have direct reports (people managers, for example) and so they can differentiate managers from non-managers (insights, access control, and rule-management).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed wrong label on the Cancel dialog of the Scheduled Track

  • Fixed error when adding an event type to a Track with many items and assignments

  • Fixed error where regular users can see hidden event types

  • Fixed Vimeo react player displaying failure with private video

  • Fixed error where some Event Types' creation dates were wrong

  • Fixed check-in button not visible for some online events

  • Fixed some Slack users getting deprovisioned

  • Fixed Undelete course


Manager Portal [Full Version]: We're close to wrapping the full version of the Manager Portal, by releasing the My Directs’ Impact page. This new page contains information about:

  • Upcoming content items: content items their directs are soon to engage in.

  • Completed Content by Tags container: a section showing their directs' completed content by tags providing a better way to understand which topics are of most interest to each person.

  • Consumed content container and chart: containing data of the consumed content over time by quarter, helping managers to better understand the consumption flow of their directs.

  • Observe direct report impact for modules like Mentorship, Office Hours, and Events

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