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Release Notes: Explore Scheduled Tracks, Dec 5, 2022
Release Notes: Explore Scheduled Tracks, Dec 5, 2022
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Feature Spotlight

Scheduled Tracks [Beta Version] [New ]: It's finally here! Organizers can now start using Scheduled Tracks. The experience enables a cohort-based blended learning experience that is tied to a specific time window, mixing live events with self-paced learning.

In the Beta version, organizers can create and manage scheduled tracks from an existing track. The offerings will appear on the track's page along with past offerings. They can also bulk-assign learners and manage assignments through the roster.

Learners can engage the content by enrolling in the tracks and should be sensitive to event dates and other time-sensitive track items.

Admins can also view and filter scheduled tracks through the Dashboards view.

Admins can enable it in their environments by activating the Scheduled Tracks (Beta) setting in Settings > Feature Management.

Stay tuned! In the upcoming weeks, we will add support to Slack channels for scheduled tracks. Additionally, we'll include scheduled tracks in automated rules.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed attendees not receiving Outlook calendar invites for events. [Events]

  • Fixed the tags filter not working as expected on the Catalog. [Catalog]

  • Fixed the missing default period filter for the Events listing page. [Events]

  • Fixed events reminders sent on the wrong schedule. [Events]


Manager Portal [Alpha Version]: We're close to wrapping the Alpha version of the Manager Portal. The new feature allows managers to observe their direct reports and view their engagement on the platform. If you'd like to view the work in progress, please get in touch with your Customer Success Manager.

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