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Release Notes: More Powerful Filters, July 31, 2023
Release Notes: More Powerful Filters, July 31, 2023
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Feature Spotlight

App 3.0: More Powerful Filters

We have very exciting news to share with you. You’ll notice that, in the next few months, we’ll be making tweaks to our platform focused on improving the user experience and look and feel.

As a first step, we’ve released a new, more powerful version of our filtering system! You’ll see that throughout the platform, filters have been updated to look sleeker and be more user-friendly.

Minor Improvements

Parent Track Filter on Content Items, Assignments and Event Types dashboards

We’ve extended reporting capabilities by adding the “Parent Track” filter to our Content Items, Assessments and Event Types dashboards. Users can now pull assignment reports for all track items within a certain Parent Track, as well as manage these track items through the content items dashboard.

We’ve also added the Parent Track column to these dashboard’s CSV exports.

Inline Track Items improvements

We’ve pushed some improvements to our recently released Inline Track Items feature and now the track’s maintainers should be automatically set as the inline items maintainers as well.

App 3.0: Reports → Charts

We’ve renamed our Reports page to Charts. We’ll be keeping support for redirects for a month, after which the redirects will be disabled. Another upcoming change you can expect in the next few weeks is the renaming of our Dashboard module to Reports.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in the assignments dashboard that caused the segment view not to work.


App 3.0: Blended Catalog

Up next in our App 3.0 initiative, we’ll be releasing a new version of our catalog. Instead of having content divided by type in sections, we’re now taking full advantage of our new advanced filters and blending the whole catalog. Users will still be able to segment content by type if they wish, but now, the content search will feel much more seamless than what we currently have.

App 3.0: Relevance

We’re also releasing a relevance filter for the catalog, which will revolutionize the way learners consume content within the platform. The platform will start recommending content based on learners’ profiles, preferences and behavior! Stay tuned for more information.

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