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Release Notes: Assessments, May 29, 2023
Release Notes: Assessments, May 29, 2023
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Feature Spotlight

Assessments GA released

We're excited to announce that Assessments are now available to all customers! Assessments empower end users to measure their own understanding of new concepts, and enable content owners to assess the effectiveness of their content. Additionally, program managers now have the ability to only show Assessments feedback after the learner finishes answering the Assessment, in addition to the instant feedback policy we currently have in place.

Program managers can create, edit, answer, assign users, and add standalone Assessments to Tracks, as well as provide feedback.

Further enhancements to Assessments include the ability to delete, archive, and unarchive questions and options, as well as full support for our GraphQL API.

Minor Improvements

  • We added Is Archived filter to the Dashboard and API:

    • Assignments, Event Types and Scheduled Tracks can now be filtered by content items' Is Archived status.

  • We also implemented a setting to define a group fallback owner, so the ownership is transferred to the appointed fallback owner and not just soft-deleted in case the former owner of said group is deprovisioned.

  • PGP encryption for People Integration is now supported.

Bug Fixes

  • Event update review window height is fixed along with other affected dialog windows.

  • Group creation’s limit was increased to 200 users, instead of the former limit of 50.

  • Track items not showing up in Track summary (with Track Sections) is fixed.

  • Categories on Codelabs can now be edited.

  • Duration visibility in content item forms is fixed.

  • Admins now can delete groups created by other users via the Group dashboard.

  • Assignment due date edit is fixed on Dashboard.

  • Check in button is now updating immediately after being clicked on.

  • Fixed a KeyError on AutomaticRulesRunner.

  • Fixed the engagement counter in My Contents page.

  • Typo in Second Assignment Reminder is fixed.

  • Assignment Creation explanatory text in the UI changed to "Sent to people when someone else assigns content to them".

  • Unenrolling/Dropping a Scheduled Track now unenroll users from events as expected.

  • Track>Article in track > convert the article to task > convert task back to article > the article is hidden by default

  • Converting a Task to an Article is still set as “Access Control Hidden” by default, but that can be easily changed by the user for it to be shown in the Catalog. For more information please see this Article.

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