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Release Notes: Links, June 15, 2023
Release Notes: Links, June 15, 2023
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Feature Spotlight

New Content Type: Links

Program managers can now add Links to represent an external resource in Tracks or the Catalog in order to drive their audience to curated external content.

Usage suggestions are: relevant articles, content from external content libraries, unsupported content types, and more.

To explore this new feature, simply enable Link type on your system settings, and head to content creation where you’ll be able to click on “Link”:

This will open a dialog where you can input the external URL, and by clicking on “Next” you’ll be redirected to the Link form.

Since metadata is extracted from the URL, you can also choose to keep it as is or personalize its details:

Enhanced Event Enrollment

We are happy to announce a more powerful and user-friendly Event enrollment and management experience.

Event owners are now able to:

  • List enrollments using RQL

  • Filter enrollments using RQL

  • Enroll participants using the People Roster

  • Enrollment uses enrollment type and enrollment behavior instead of “due at” and “expires at”

  • Bulk Actions:

  • Export CSV

  • Copy emails

  • Force check-in

  • Undo check-in

  • Promote from waitlist

  • Demote to waitlist

  • Drop

  • Manage the enrollment and waitlist queue

Event owners will also enjoy a more intuitive user experience that includes the ability to customize which columns are viewable/hidden, reorder columns, resize column width, and more.

Dynamic Group Assignments

Use automated rules to dynamically assign users to user group(s) in PlusPlus based on any of the following attributes:

  • Title

  • Department

  • Location

  • Their Manager

  • Employee Type

  • Custom fields that you specify

Minor Improvements

  • Assignment Creation explanatory text in the UI was changed to "Sent to people when someone else assigns content to them" to better reflect the action.

  • When canceling Event Types that have “Prevent enrollment in multiple upcoming events from this Event Type” turned on, the warning pop-up was updated to more accurately convey the outcome of this action.

  • Groups Dashboard received a few improvements:

    • Group name is now clickable and behaves the same as when you click on “view”, opening the details of the group in a new window/tab

    • Group member count is now clickable as well, which takes you to the People dashboard, pre-filtered for that group

    • Added a "Created" column

  • Enable automatic deletion of unused user groups

Bug Fixes

  • Question explanations in Assessments are only appearing after the question is answered, as expected.

  • The option to archive/unarchive an Assessment is now only available after the Assessment is published.

  • When filtering by “owner” in the catalog, the “and XX more” is not selectable anymore.

  • Exporting large reports is fixed.

  • Progress is reflecting its updated status when enrolling/attending an Event in Tracks, as expected.

  • Track notifications are fixed.

  • The “404” error showing for logged in people who view the "new user" link is fixed.

  • Calendar invites are now being sent as expected.

  • SCORM error requests now fail gracefully.

  • Force calendar resync is now enabled.

  • Enrollment reports filtered by event type are now fixed.

  • Non-outstanding assignments are now excluded from reminder notifications.

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