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Release Notes: May 15, 2023
Release Notes: May 15, 2023
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Assessments CSV export improvements

Assessments CSV exports from the Assignments dashboard now provide more insights into completed assessments, allowing you to measure content effectiveness and user understanding. Assessments CSV exports now show

  • answers given for each question

  • overall score

  • if the user passed/failed (when the assessment has a passing grade configured)

New feedback policy option for assessments

You can now configure assessments to show people whether they got questions right only after they have completed the entire assessment. The other feedback policy option is to show feedback immediately after submitting an answer.

Course and video progress reporting

The system now more accurately tracks and reports percentage completed for course and video assignments, in addition to the overall completion.

Filter by Employee ID

You can now filter by Employee ID in dashboards and assignee/enrollee rosters. This is especially helpful for looking up info on terminated employees whose personally-identifiable information (PII) has been scrubbed from the system.

Bug fixes

  • The people integration flow no longer assigns managers to people whose Manager column is empty. This error was happening in specific cases, not universally.

  • We updated enrollment status reporting for greater accuracy.

  • The Cloud Doc option for embedding media in an article now works as intended, allowing you to import a Google doc into an article, for example.

  • Outlook and PlusPlus calendars now sync properly.

  • Track items within a track section now display in the track Summary, as intended.

  • “Mark as completed” when bulk-completing assignments now updates the status with no further issues

  • Auto-assign on video playback now updates the Save button to Drop automatically.

  • Deleting an automated rule using the context menu now updates the list without manually refreshing the page.

  • Assigning someone to a scheduled track no longer triggers event type assignment notifications for every event in the track.

  • You can now manage the event type assignment notification at the event type level.

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