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Release Notes: Assessments beta, Apr 28, 2023
Release Notes: Assessments beta, Apr 28, 2023
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Assessments Beta

We’re excited to announce the release of the beta version of our new Assessments feature, which empowers program managers to assess user performance and engagement within PlusPlus enablement Tracks.

This first version enables program managers to create, edit, answer, assign users, add standalone Assessments and add an Assessment to a Track.

In the following weeks, we’ll be adding additional features to Assessments, such as:

  • Another Feedback Policy, which will allow program managers to only show Assessments feedback after the learner finishes answering the Assessment, in addition to the instant feedback policy we currently have in place.

  • The option to delete and archive/unarchive questions and options after their creation.

    • Up until then, if you need to delete or archive existing assessment questions and options, please reach out to our support team.

  • Assessments support in our GraphQL API.

Answering an assessment question

Creating an assessment

Latest general improvements

Content Assignments

We have added several new enhancements to make content assignments even more powerful and customizable to make it easier for you to manage and distribute content.

Key updates include:

Content time to expiration

Predefine a period, in days, to determine how long an assignment is considered valid.

Required/Optional Track Items

Set any Track item as Optional, enabling assignees to complete Tracks with or without completing optional track items.

Assignment expiration date

Set expiration dates for content item assignments, and automatically reassign that content once the expiration date is reached.

Assignment dropped state

Know when users drop assignments without completing them.

Assignment exemptions

Set exemptions for specific users, even if they’re assigned to content they would otherwise be required to complete.

Assignment score / is_success

Know when users pass or fail an Assessment.


Automatically or manually reassign content to users who previously completed, dropped, or been exempted from it, or to users who are due to retake it.

Assignment roster:

The Assignment roster also received a few updates, allowing a better experience with:

  • Dynamic filters

  • Dynamic columns

  • Bulk actions!

    • Export CSV

    • Copy emails

    • Edit

    • Mark/unmark as completed

  • Re/assign

GraphQL API Improvements

We have made several updates to our GraphQL API, adding new fields related to the latest capabilities of assignments and including more filters to help you access data more efficiently. We have also deprecated some attributes while introducing new ones for content items, such as:

Added the following Assignment attributes:

  • state

  • due_at

  • expires_at

  • progress

  • last_progress_at

  • dropped_at

  • exempted_at

  • exempted_by

  • score

  • is_success

Deprecated the following Assignment attributes:

  • awaiting_feedback (use feedback_rating instead)

  • due_date (use due_at instead)

Added the following Assignment filters:

  • state

  • is_expired

Added the following Content Item attributes (all content types):

  • hide_attendees

  • is_exemptable

  • time_to_complete

  • time_to_expiration

Assignment CSV updates

Additionally, we updated the fields in the CSV export to showcase all relevant assignment attributes, including:

  • Progress

  • Last Progress Date

  • Score

    • For all assignments

    • Previously it was called "Completion Score", and it only showed up for courses

  • Is Success

  • Dropped Date

  • Exemption Date

  • Exemption By

  • Expiration Date

ISO8601-based duration formatting

We have updated the duration values in our GraphQL API to adhere to the ISO8601 format, previously exposed in minutes. This change was made to ensure that our API conforms to the industry’s standards, which will help to improve interoperability and make it easier for developers to work with our API.

Bug Fixes

  • Unhiding an event type is now unhiding child events as expected.

  • Content Item form now validates according to the limitations for the Name field.

  • You can now edit Tracks without losing your work if you click outside the popup window.

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