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Release Notes: Codelabs improvements, June 30, 2023
Release Notes: Codelabs improvements, June 30, 2023
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Minor Improvements

Codelabs Version Management

We’ve recently released version management for Codelabs.

Codelab Owners are now able to:

  • View the current version

  • View and refresh the status of the current version (up to date or stale)

  • Set automatic periodic status checks

  • View all previous versions

  • Switch to any published version

  • Track progress for Codelab assignments

Simplified Codelab relaunch flow

We’ve suppressed an unnecessary warning message that appeared when users relaunched Codelabs warning them they might lose progress.

Automated rules: delimited group assignment

With this feature, it becomes possible to assign people to:

  • Multiple "static" groups at once: "Managers,Leaders"

  • Multiple "dynamic" groups at once: {{ custom.groups }}, assuming "groups" is a custom attribute that contains a delimited list of group names.

Update to our app for Slack

Our app for Slack is now officially approved by the Slack App Directory! 🎉

You don’t need to perform this update if you don’t want to as there aren’t any new features, but if you’re already using our app for Slack and want to use the newest version, do the following:

  • First and foremost: make sure you have permission to add Slack Apps to your Slack workspace.

  • Go to your PlusPlus Settings page > Integrations > Slack > Disconnect.

  • In the same section, after the disconnect action is complete, click the Connect to Slack button.

  • Done, you’re now using the authorized app.

Bug Fixes

  • We’ve fixed an issue that prevented sticky filter tags from appearing on the filters list after a refresh or after leaving the page.

  • Event type notification settings now cascade down to events.

  • Team Assignments page crash when selecting some types of filters has been resolved.

  • Archive/Unarchive/Delete options are now available for Assessments and Codelabs.

  • Fixed an issue that made the spinning wheel when importing Codelabs to continue spinning even after the Codelab was imported.

  • Enrollment success toast messages now only appear once after enrolling.

  • Fixed permission issues around Codelabs that turned them unlaunchable.

  • Feedback layout in content item pages is now fixed.

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