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Release Notes: January 25, 2022
Release Notes: January 25, 2022
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Feature Spotlight

User contact information on profile page [New Feature] [Platform]: We now show contact information, such as email and Slack handle, on people’s profile pages. This way, folks can easily get in touch with each other.

Minor Improvements

  • Duration on articles and courses [New Feature] [Platform]: Maintainers can now set the expected duration for articles and courses.

  • View Organizational Attributes [Improvement] [Platform]: Admins can now see organizational attributes that are shared from their HRIS (e.g. Workday) with our platform via People Integration. This will aid them in understanding their automated rules. In addition to the profile page, these attributes are now also accessible from the People Dashboard.

  • Bulk duplicate Event and Session on Dashboards [Improvement] [Platform]: Events and sessions can now be bulk duplicated via their respective dashboards. Bulk-duplication was previously only available via the event and session pages.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug on the validation of the date and time fields on the program session form. [Programs] [Platform]

  • Fixed a bug that announcements were not appearing for some people. [Platform]

  • Fixed a bug that caused videos from a specific source not to load. [Platform]

  • Fixed a bug on filtering videos per tags. [Platform]

  • Fixed a bug that displayed the external registration link when enrolling even though the toggle was off. [Events] [Platform]

  • Fixed a bug that selected events didn’t show when filtering enrollments on the Enrollments dashboard. [Dashboards] [Platform]

  • Fixed a couple of bugs on Workday integration. [Integrations] [Platform]


  • Survey Responses Dashboard [Improvement] [Dashboards]: We’re extending our surveys dashboards to make it possible to see and export survey responses for a given survey based on flexible criteria so that you can get better insights from users.

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