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Release Notes: CC Manager, Oct 7, 2022
Release Notes: CC Manager, Oct 7, 2022
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Feature Spotlight

Cancel/Restore Events [New Feature] [Events]: Owners can now opt to cancel and restore events. When performing the action, users' enrollments are canceled/restored accordingly. The new action empowers event organizers to remove events in a non-permanent manner.

CC Manager [New Feature] [Notifications]: Organizers may configure some of our notifications to automatically cc the manager of the person receiving the notification, so that they can raise the visibility of how their direct is doing against their learning objectives. For example, if a person is past-due on an assignment, their manager will be informed so that they may ensure their direct was given enough time to complete the prescribed training.

Minor Improvements

  • Expanded CC Executive Assistant [Improvement] [Notifications]: Similarly to the cc manager feature, organizers may now configure most session-related notifications to automatically cc the executive assistant of the person receiving the notification. Previously, the option was only available to a few notifications.

  • Session Host Reminder [Improvement] [Notifications]: Mentorship and Office Hours program manager can configure a notification to remind session hosts of upcoming sessions.

  • New Events dashboard filters [Improvement] [Dashboards]: We added the duration and timezone filters to improve the segmentation capability of the data.

  • New duration format in CSV exports [Improvement] [Dashboards]: Dashboard users will note the duration exported as CSV is now in a format consistent with the UI and Google Sheets standards: 'h:mm:ss'.

  • Flexible People Integration schedule [Improvement] [Integrations]: The frequency with which the People Integration runs is now a system setting that can be configurable to every 3, 6, 12, 24 hours. Please reach out to your customer support manager to change this setting.

  • Adjustments to Automated rules action parameters [Improvement] [Rules]

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed flaky user deprovisioning. [Integrations]

  • Fixed group owners being bulk removed from groups. [Platform]

  • Fixed the outside learning hours icon appearing when an event was inside learning hours. [Events]

  • Fixed a bug preventing owners from deleting any content item. [Content Items]

  • Fixed enrollment analytics not filtering by location and by category. [Dashboards]

  • Fixed the group filtering in the assignments rosters. [Content Items]

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