As an admin, you want to automatically check people into events they attend so that you don't have to rely on manual check-ins and can more accurately capture attendance data.


Set up automatic check-ins. PlusPlus offers two settings to help improve your check-in rates.

But first, you have to turn on self check-ins in order to use the following settings. This allows people to go the event in their instance of PlusPlus and check themselves in using the Check in button. Without this setting enabled, only admins and content owners can check people in.

Go to Settings > Events > Attendance Policies > Check-in to turn on Self check-in.

Auto check-in when joining video conferences

If you have self check-ins enabled, the Auto check-in on VC join setting creates a Join link that automatically checks people into events as they join via video conference. The link appears on the event details page, as well as in locations like Zoom and Google Meet invites. The link navigates the attendee to PlusPlus where they are automatically checked in, and then redirects them to join the video conference. If the attendee is not already logged in to PlusPlus, clicking the link navigates them to the login page and then to the video conference after logging in.

You can turn on this setting at Settings > Events > Attendance Policies > Check-in.

Promote auto check-in over Google Meet links

If you have enabled self check-ins and auto check-ins on a video conference join, you can also hide the Join with Google Meet button on Google Calendar invites for an event. This makes it more likely that attendees will join the video conference via the auto check-in link in the Google Calendar invite, thus increasing your check-in rate.

You can turn this setting on at Settings > Integrations > Calendar > Google Calendar.

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Automatic check-ins on attendee feedback

By default in PlusPlus, the system automatically checks people into an event whenever they leave a star rating on that event. This only applies to people who were marked as Going or Going online for the event they are rating. Once they give a star rating, they are marked as Attended. Our data shows that this can improve the check-in rates by up to 75%.

Note that giving a star rating checks people into events even if they are past a cut-off for check-ins.

If someone leaves a star rating for an event that hasn't occurred yet, you have the option to undo their check-in via the Manage Attendance page for the event.

Bypass auto check-in for video conferences (for external enrollees)

If you have turned on Auto check-in on VC join, the Join button on a meeting invite (for Zoom or Google Meet, for example) does not allow external enrollees to join the event. You can turn on Auto check-in bypass on VC join to provide an additional link on the meeting invite to join the video conference directly without first going to PlusPlus.

Note that the additional link can be used by internal members as well, allowing them to bypass the automatic check-in (if enabled). Keep this setting turned off if you want to prevent team members from bypassing automatic check-in.

To configure this setting, go to Settings > Events > Attendance Policies > Check-in.

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