How to check in to an event

Learn the easiest way to check yourself into an event you're attending

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You attended an event or are currently attending an event and want to be sure you get checked in.


  1. Sign into PlusPlus.

  2. Open the profile menu in the upper-right and select Event check-in.

    The page that opens shows events you've attended (as long as they are not past the check-in deadline) or are currently attending.

  3. Click Check in for the event you want to check in to.
    Currently running events indicate if you're already checked in.

You can also reach the Event check-in page directly at:

For admins and content owners

To allow people to use the steps given above, self-check-ins need to be turned on.

You can make sure team members get checked into events by sharing the Event check-in page link for your instance of PlusPlus. You can also set up automatic check-ins to increase check-in rates and bypass manual check-in processes.

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