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Get alerts about events you're interested in
Get alerts about events you're interested in

Learn how to set up email alerts for future events in PlusPlus that may interest you.

Written by Jonathan Allston
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As a learner, you want to get regular emails alerting you to upcoming events covering topics of interest to you.


To set up an events alert email:

  1. Open the profile menu and select Alerts.

    The Alerts page opens, listing all the alerts you have already set up, if any.

  2. Click New alert.
    The New Alert dialog opens.

  3. Choose a Tag or Keyword to filter the upcoming events listed for you in your email.

    • You can search for and select a tag to filter events by, and any upcoming event with a matching tag is listed in your alert email.

    • Or, you can type a keyword to filter events by, and any upcoming events with a matching keyword in its title, description, category, location, and so on, is listed in your alert email.

  4. Select a Frequency for your alert email.
    You can choose one of the following:

    • Daily - email sent every day at 4:00 am PST / 11:00 am UTC

    • Weekly - email sent every Monday at 3:00 am PST / 10:00 am UTC

    • Monthly - email sent the 3rd of every month at 2:00 am PST / 9:00 am UTC

  5. Click Create alert.
    The alert appears on your Alerts page, and you will receive automated emails at your chosen frequency listing upcoming events based on your filter.

  6. Return to the Alerts page as needed to create as many alerts as you want.
    You can also stop receiving emails for a specific alert by clicking the delete (trashcan) button.

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What will I see in my alert email?

You’ll see a list of future events that meet the criteria you configured. Only events created since your last alert email are included in the next listing, so you should not see the same scheduled event listed in consecutive alerts.

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