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How to change the host for a Google Meet event or session
How to change the host for a Google Meet event or session

Learn how to change the host/owner of a Google Meet event or session and remove it from the former host's/owner's calendar.

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As a content owner with your Google Calendar integrated to PlusPlus, you want to make yourself the host or owner of a Google Meet event or session formerly owned by someone else. The former host/owner no longer wants these events or sessions to appear on their calendar.


The new host can make themselves the owner by following these steps:

  1. Access the event type, event, office hour session, or mentorship session that you are the new owner of.

  2. Open the context menu (button with three dots) and select Edit.
    The Edit page opens.

  3. Go to Location & Time and open the timeslot(s) you are the new owner of.
    Note that events can have multiple timeslots but office hour and mentorship sessions only have a single location and time.

  4. Click Switch to your Google Calendar.
    You become the host/owner of the timeslot (that is, the new owner should be the person performing this process).
    Any new scheduled events of this type no longer appear on the former owner's calendar (if they are not attending the event in some other capacity), and they can delete the scheduled events of this type already on their calendar without deleting them for everyone else.

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Changing Google Meet hosts for event types v. scheduled events

If you want to change the host/owner of a Google Meet event indefinitely, perform the process described above on the event type level and for every applicable timeslot. This way, the ownership transfers to all newly scheduled events of that type going forward.

If you only want to change the host/owner for a single scheduled event and not indefinitely, perform this process at the event level.

Changing hosts for a Google Meet breakout session

You can add multiple timeslots to an event for things like breakout sessions, and if you want someone other than the event owner to host the breakout session, that breakout host can follow the process described above for the breakout timeslot.

Who owns Google Meet events and sessions if their owner leaves?

If a Google Meet event or session owner no longer has their Google Calendar integrated with your instance of PlusPlus (for example, if they leave your org), ownership transfers to someone else in the following order:

For events:

  1. organizer

  2. co-organizer

  3. presenter

For mentorship or office hour sessions:

  1. host

  2. facilitator (office hour sessions only)

Calendar fallback owner

The calendar fallback owner is the person you define as the owner of events or sessions that have no one eligible to be their owner based on the prioritized lists given above.

You can define this setting for events and sessions by entering the email address of the fallback owner at Settings > Integrations > Calendar.

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