You are an admin on PlusPlus. Your company uses Google Calendar as its calendaring solution. You want to integrate the two so that your PlusPlus users' events and sessions are automatically synced with their work calendars.


Active Calendar Calendar integration:

Step 1: Head over to Settings > Calendar Integration > Google

Step 2: Enable Sync to Outlook Calendar.

Step 3: Click on Save Changes

Advanced Integration

If you would like PlusPlus to automatically book rooms (i.e. have access to your Calendar Resources) or create Google Meet conferences, you will need your Google admins approve the PlusPlus App. This is done via the Google Admin interface:

Step 1: Go to Google Admin > Security > API Controls > App Access Control

Step 2: Click on Configure new app and select OAuth App Name or Client ID

Step 3: In the Search for OAuth app name or client ID text box, copy/paste the following application ID to find the PlusPlus App:

Step 4: Click Search

Step 5: In the resulting App name box, hover over the PlusPlus App, and click Select

Step 6: In the resulting Client ID box, check the only client ID and click on Select

Step 7: In the resulting App access box, select Trusted: Can access all Google Services, and click on Configure.

Step 8 (Optional): Click on the PlusPlus App to see all Requested Services and the corresponding permissions.

For more information about Control which third-party & internal apps access Google Workspace data, please visit:

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