You are an admin on PlusPlus. You want to integrate your corporate calendaring solution with PlusPlus such that your users' events and sessions are automatically synced with their work calendars. Neither Google Calendar integration nor Microsoft Outlook integration are viable options for you.


Use our iCalendar over Email integration.

Step 1: Head over to Settings > Calendar Integration > iCalendar.

Step 2: Check Include ICS file in event related emails.

Step 3: Click on Save Changes


iCalendar (also known as iCal and ICS) is a calendar interchange format designed for interoperability between various calendaring systems.

By enabling the Include ICS file in event related emails option, we will automatically attach a small .ics file to each event-related email notification we send to the event participants. This file includes all of the event details. The same approach is used for sessions.

Their email provider (e.g. Outlook) will automatically detect the presence of such files and sync the information we include in them with the user's calendar. This not only allows for calendar event creations, but updates as well, so people's calendars stay up to date.

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