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Calendar Integration: Microsoft Outlook
Calendar Integration: Microsoft Outlook

Learn how to integrate your corporate Microsoft Outlook calendar with PlusPlus.

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As an admin, you want to integrate Microsoft Outlook's calendar solution with PlusPlus so that PlusPlus events and sessions automatically sync with team members' work calendars.


Turn on the Outlook integration, following these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Integrations > Calendar > Microsoft Outlook.

  2. Turn on Enable Outlook Calendar integration.

  3. Save the settings.
    Your team members' events and sessions sync to their Outlook calendar.

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Known limitations

Our Outlook Calendar integration does not currently support:

  • booking rooms and other calendar resources

  • dropping out of PlusPlus events by declining them in Outlook

  • double-booking warnings

You also won’t be able to use both Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar simultaneously. Google Calendar will be favored over Outlook if both are active.

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