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iCal-over-email integration
iCal-over-email integration

Learn how to integrate PlusPlus with your corporate calendar using iCalendar (ICS)-over-email.

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As an admin, you want to integrate your corporate calendar solution with PlusPlus so that peoples' events and sessions automatically sync with their work calendars. Neither Google Calendar integration nor Microsoft Outlook integration are viable options for you.


  1. Go to Settings > Integration > Calendar > iCalendar.

  2. Turn on Enable iCalendar (ICS) integration.

  3. Save your changes.

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iCalendar (also known as iCal and ICS) is a calendar interchange format designed for interoperability between various calendaring systems.

The iCal integration automatically attaches a small .ics file to each event or session invite email. The email provider automatically detects these files and syncs them with the invitee's iCal. This allows for calendar event creations and syncs event or session updates so that peoples' calendars stay up to date.

While some clients' email solutions may implicitly or automatically process ICS attachments, others may require people to explicitly take action on the invite (for example, click on Add to calendar or Accept) for events to be created in their iCal.

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