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Google Workspace Integration: PlusPlus App
Google Workspace Integration: PlusPlus App

Learn how to enable PlusPlus App to unlock deeper integration with your Google Workspace

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You are a Google Workspace admin and you have been asked to enable deeper integration with the PlusPlus platform.


  1. As a Google Workspace admin, go to Google Admin and navigate to SecurityAPI ControlsApp Access Control, or just navigate to

  2. Under "Configured app" tab, click on View list

  3. Click on Add appOAuth App Name or Client ID

  4. In the "Search for OAuth app name or client ID" box, paste the following client ID:

  5. Click on Search

  6. Verify that you see "PlusPlus App"

  7. Hover over the app name and click on Select

  8. On the following screen, check the box next to the app's client ID and click on Select

  9. On the "App access" screen, click on "Trusted: Can access all Google services" and click on Configure

  10. Verify that the PlusPlus App shows in the list of "Configured apps" with "Trusted" level of "Access"

Go deeper

Trusting the PlusPlus App, enables users in your Google Workspace to allow the app to:

In all cases, each end user still has to explicitly grant access to the PlusPlus App before it can access their Google Workspace resources. Having the app trusted at the platform level is just the first step.

If you'd like to see which scopes the PlusPlus App can request, click on it and review "Requested Services" and corresponding permissions.

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