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PlusPlus 101: Offer cohort-based training with scheduled tracks
PlusPlus 101: Offer cohort-based training with scheduled tracks

Learn the basic steps for scheduling track events to allow for learning in cohorts.

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As an admin or content owner, you want to provide sequential learning playbooks to cohorts of team members. For example, you want to provide an onboarding track that a set of new team members can work through together. As with regular tracks, scheduled tracks allow for direct assignment or for people to enroll themselves.


Create scheduled tracks by adding scheduled events to a track. This allows the people assigned to the track to attend the track events at the same time, thus letting them complete the playbook path as a cohort.

With tracks, you can add event types as track steps that people can enroll in as part of their track assignment. But scheduled tracks define the scheduled events of that type that the assigned team members should attend and enrolls them automatically.

Here are the basic steps for creating a scheduled track:

  1. Turn on Scheduled Tracks at Settings > Feature Management > Features.

  2. Go to the track that you want to put on a schedule.
    You can only schedule tracks if they have at least one event type. Learn how to add event types to tracks.
    Also, you currently can't schedule nested tracks.

  3. Open the context menu (button with three dots) and select Schedule.
    The Schedule track dialog opens with scheduled events listed for the track's first event type.

  4. Select a scheduled event for the track's first event type.
    You can only select one scheduled event for each event type.
    A check mark appears beside the event type on the left after you select a scheduled event of that type.

  5. Select another event type on the left and repeat step #3.

  6. After selecting a scheduled event for every event type, click Next.
    The final step before review opens.

  7. Enter a Scheduled track name.
    This sets the schedule track apart from the track it is based on and personalizes it for the cohort to which it is assigned.

  8. Click Review.
    The New scheduled track page opens.

  9. Set the Starts at and Ends at dates for the track.
    Starts at should be before or on the same date as the first scheduled event on the track. Ends at should be after or on the same date as the final scheduled event on the track.
    See the Go deeper section for more on this step.

  10. Optionally, set the Enrollment capacity for the scheduled track.
    See the Go deeper section for more on this step.

  11. Also optionally, configure more details about the scheduled track.
    See How to create and edit a track for more on this step.

  12. Publish the scheduled event.
    The scheduled track is available on the Track Details page for people to enroll in.

  13. Optionally, assign team members to the scheduled track.
    For more on this step, see How to assign content.

Go deeper

Starts at and Ends at considerations

Scheduled tracks require Starts at and Ends at dates to ensure people enrolled in the track know to complete any pre-event or post-event work (articles, courses, and so on) if the scheduled track does not start or end with a live event.

Enrollment capacities for scheduled tracks v. scheduled events

Everyone assigned to (or enrolled in) a scheduled track is automatically enrolled into its scheduled events, automatically raising the enrollment capacity for the event itself if needed. If enrollment remains below capacity for the event itself after adding it to a scheduled track, then people outside the assigned cohort can still enroll. This logic applies whether you set an Enrollment capacity for a scheduled track or not.

We recommend checking the space constraints for in-person events that you add to a scheduled track. If the automatic enrollments from the track may result in over-filling a room, consider setting the track's Enrollment capacity to match the event in question. Or, you may need to work with the event owners to change the meeting location.


Can't schedule tracks within tracks

You currently can't schedule a track that has other tracks nested in it, but we're working to add that functionality in the future.

Adding new content to schedule tracks

One other limitation which we're working on removing in the near future is once a scheduled a track is scheduled, to add content thereafter you'll want to take the original base track, add your content, and reschedule it with the new content.

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