How to use the Surveys dashboard

Learn how to see all instances related to a survey, and export its responses

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Through the Surveys Dashboard you can see all your surveys in PlusPlus, and execute actions for their instances. It’s a good reference point to find data and get a quick overview of how surveys are performing.

Note: Instance is a single occurrence of a survey master.

What can I see in the New Surveys Dashboard?

Surveys Dashboard allows you to delete surveys in batch and also to see how many instances and responses each of them has.

Note: Surveys that already have responses cannot be deleted. Deleting Surveys already attached to entities (such events) will also delete its relationship.

You can access the Surveys Dashboard through the user menu. Instances can be accessed by clicking on a survey entry.

Survey Details and Actions

This page shows an overview of a specific survey master and its instances:

You can:

  • Preview the survey form;

  • Duplicate the survey form;

  • Export responses for multiple instances;

  • Filter the data according to modules;

Preview Survey

To see a preview of a survey, click on the preview button either in the survey row item or on the right side of its instance page header.

Duplicate Survey

Rather than creating a new survey from scratch, you may also duplicate an existing one.

Learn more about 'How to create Surveys'.

Export responses for multiple instances

You can export the responses for all instances to a CSV file. PlusPlus will send an email with the links for download. This feature is only available if the instances listed in the table already have responses.

Two options are available for the export: single or multiple files. In this option, you’ll receive a link for each instance with the responses.

Note: Applied filters are reflected in the export.


Filters let you see survey instances from different perspectives. In the survey page, we have two levels of filters. The first level displays survey instances inside a specific module. You can use that to see all surveys attached to events, programs, etc. In the second level, it’s possible to filter instances by response period, and status. According to the selected module, you will see specific filters. For example, in the events module, you can filter instances by event type, presenter, and event period.

Quick actions menu

You can execute quick actions for each instance in the table. The available actions are: view survey form, copy survey url, and export responses (which is only available if the instance already has responses).

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