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Save options for event types
Save options for event types

Learn the difference between the Save and Save & Apply options for editing an event type.

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As an admin or content owner, you want to understand your options for saving updates to an event type and how your edits can impact scheduled events of that type.

Save options for event types

After editing an event type, you can Cancel, Save, or Save & Apply your changes.

Save saves all of your changes for the event type so that they carry over to any new events of that type created in the future. Additionally, any updates to cascaded settings (Attendance Policies and Notifications) cascade to already-scheduled/upcoming events of that type, unless you have configured those existing events individually not to use the default (or cascaded) setting.

Save & Apply lets you control which of your changes carry over to events of that type, and which events they apply to (past, future, or already-scheduled/upcoming). This option does not impact cascaded settings but lets you choose event attributes to pass on to existing events.

Save & Apply

To use the Save & Apply option:

  1. Make your updates to the event type.

  2. Click the down arrow on the Save button and select Save & Apply.
    The Apply to existing events dialog opens.


  3. Select the fields to update in events of the event type.
    For example, if you updated the Presenters for the event type, selecting that field in this dialog carries your change over to events.

  4. Choose which events should be updated.

    • All future instances - Updates all future events of this type, including already-scheduled events

    • Past instances - Updates any events of this type that have already occurred AND any new events of this type created in the future

    • Apply changes to all instances - Updates all past and future events of this type, including already-scheduled events

  5. Click Apply.

Please note that any field not present among the fields listed in the dialog (such as resource link, wait list and event capacity) is not currently available for propagation. Hidden and Groups are propagated under the Event is Hidden and Restrict Event to groups selections.

Apply to existing events

If you use the Save option to update an event type and then realize you want to apply the updates to already-scheduled/upcoming events of that type, you can use the Apply to existing events feature to do so. Here's how it works:

  1. Go to the event type whose already-scheduled/upcoming events you want to update.

  2. Open the context menu (button with three dots) and select Apply to existing events.

    The Apply to existing events dialog opens (as shown in the Save & Apply section above).

  3. Select the fields to update in the existing events and select which events the changes should apply to. (See above.)

  4. Click Apply.

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Cascaded settings

Settings that can cascade from system settings to existing content, or via other content dependencies, are called cascaded settings. Content attributes, on the other hand, are set upon creation of a content item and are not impacted by cascaded settings. These can only be updated by editing individual content items or via the Save & Apply feature described in this article.

Event types v. scheduled events

You create event types as a template for individual, scheduled events. For instance, you might create an orientation event type as a piece of your standard onboarding. You then schedule this orientation event as an individual occurrence when needed, using the details you set up in the event type.

Each scheduled event then has its own timeslot(s) and enrollments, and you can update all the details given in the event type when scheduling an event based on it.

Two of these are straightforward and work as you would suspect.

Save & Apply for third-party survey links

Currently, Save & Apply cascades third-party survey links to existing events but not surveys created directly in your instance of PlusPlus.

The Survey Link option in the Apply to Existing Events dialog also only applies to third-party surveys. We are currently developing the ability to apply surveys built in PlusPlus to child events.

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