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Release Notes: Jul 29, 2022
Release Notes: Jul 29, 2022
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Feature Spotlight

Dynamic Cover Images [New Feature] [Platform]: We've improved the default cover images for content that do not have a custom image. There's a series of abstract images that will be dynamically assigned for an improved experience while navigating the Platform.

Automated Rules Reordering [New Feature] [Automated Rules]: Admins can opt to reorder the Automated Rules in their instance by clicking the "Reorder" button that will activate the mode.

They can then drag and drop rules or use the actions "Order down" and "Sent to back" on the context menu. Changes are done immediately, so beware if a rule is running, as the rules will run in the order as they are set in the dashboard. Once the correct order is set, they must click "Done Reordering.

Minor Improvements

  • Auto check-in bypass on VC join - control [Improvement] [Events]: Organizers can ensure attendees cannot by-pass "Auto check-in on VC join" so that they can get more accurate attendance information. To activate the setting, go to the "Attendance Policies" > "Check in" setting on forms or the System Settings, depending on the level you'd like to enforce.

  • Matches/Does Not Match Filter Option [Improvement] [People Dashboard]: To better filter people and create Segments, there are two new options: "Matches" and "Does not match". The filters support regex searches.

    To learn the supported syntax, check PostgreSQL: Documentation: 14: 9.7. Pattern Matching. More documentation on this new capability is coming soon.

Bug Fixes

  • Enforced only articles have the option to be optionally completable. All other content items are always completable. [Content Items]

  • Fixed the assignments Dashboard not recording "In Progress" for courses. [Courses]

  • Fixed a wrong progress when duplicating tracks. [Tracks]

  • Removed duplicated Zoom link from Google Calendar card. [Events]

  • Fixed inconsistent cover images sizes in specific use cases. [Platform]

  • Fixed adding videos to articles. [Videos] [Articles]

  • Fixed users' mentee status not shown even when the "Display Mentorship Stats on Mentees' Profiles" setting was enabled. [Mentorship]

  • Fixed the rendering of the enrollment chart. [Dashboards]

  • Fixed the "Download CSV" action not appearing to some users. [Platform]

  • Fixed mentees cards that were blank for users with no info. [Mentorship]

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