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Release Notes: Publish Codelabs from Google Docs, Sep 22, 2022
Release Notes: Publish Codelabs from Google Docs, Sep 22, 2022
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Feature Spotlight

Publish Codelabs from Google Docs [New Feature] [Articles]: You can now import a codelab from Google Docs when you have Google integration enabled and read-only access to the GDrive you’re importing from. Check out our How to import codelabs to PlusPlus Help Center article for step-by-step instructions.

Mentorship Suggestions [New Feature] [Mentorship]: Anyone can now suggest mentors or mentees to other users, empowering everyone to help folks make connections. To suggest a mentor or mentee to someone, go to their profile and click Suggest a mentor or, if they are designated as a mentor, Suggest a mentee. Suggestions appear on the My Mentorship Messages page, along with any other mentorship requests.

Admins can customize the email related to the new capability, including the templates for: Suggest a mentor, Suggest a mentee, and Suggestion Accepted.

New filters for Assignments & Event Types [Improvement] [Dashboards]: Admins have an extensive list of filters available on both the Assignments and the Event Types dashboards. More coming soon!

Minor Improvements

  • Keep events available until enrollment cut off passes [Improvement] [Dashboards]: Events now remain on the Upcoming and Event Type pages until enrollment cut off closes. This way, team members have maximum time to join the event and even drop into a running event if the cutoff allows it.

  • Improved experience for embedding Confluence docs [Improvement]: We made minor UI improvements to the workflow to enhance the overall user experience.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the automated rule execution failing to parse the due date. [Rules]

  • Fixed the partial match not returning names with acute accents in the search of track assignments. [Tracks]

  • Fixed an error when exporting a CSV in the Event Type dashboard. [Dashboards]

  • Fixed an error when fetching event type settings for scheduled events. [Events]

  • Fixed the attendance filter that was breaking event reports. [Reports]

  • Fixed an error where resources changed order when names or links were updated. [Platform]

  • Fixed the event type being unset on the Event Duplicate action. [Events]

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