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Release Notes: July 14, 2021
Release Notes: July 14, 2021
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Feature Spotlight

New Mentorship Search [New Feature] [Mentorship]: An improved Mentorship search will soon be available to all users. New capabilities include sorting and additional filters such as Department and Friendly To My Time, which returns mentors with sessions within your learning hours, similar to how the Events search works.

Admins can also opt-in to enable mentor and mentee preferences through Settings ⇒ Programs & Mentoring Settings ⇒ Mentor and Mentee preferences. Once enabled, users can set their preferences as mentors in their user profile, indicating if they are open to mentoring peers or actively looking for mentees. Following the same line, they can also set their preferences as mentees. This information is publicly displayed in their profile to facilitate engagement. Additionally, mentorship stats as both mentors and mentees are also displayed.

Enabling mentee preferences unlocks the mentor to mentee search in the Mentorship page.

Through this new search, mentors can find potential mentees and actively request to mentor them. Once the mentor sends the request, the user is notified and can review the request choosing to accept by booking a session with the mentor or choosing to dismiss the request. To learn more, check the "How Mentorship Requests work" Help Center article.

Clone Session [New Feature] [Programs] [Mentorship]: Mentors and session hosts can select to clone past sessions to leverage smart defaults when scheduling future sessions.

Special Attention

Removal of Additional Locations [Deprecation Warning] [Platform]: We launched Is Friendly To My Time event filter on March 23 to make it easier for the end-users to discover online events that better fit into their time-zone-aware schedule, regardless of their physical location. Similarly, we're launching in the upcoming week the same filter for Mentorship sessions. With that in place, we find little value in having the organizers and hosts manually curate the list of additional locations where their events/sessions show up in. As a result, we will be deprecating the Additional Locations feature on September 28. If you have any concerns/suggestions, please reach out to your admin or your PlusPlus Customer Success Manager.

Dropped support for IExplorer [Warning] [Platform]: As of now, we no longer support the browser IExplorer. If you're using this browser, functionalities may not work as expected, and we recommend that you upgrade to Microsoft Edge's most current or previous version. To learn more, check our Browser Support.

Minor Improvements

  • Bulk Check-in on bulk enrollment: Organizers can now manually check in people in bulk, based on my external knowledge of who was there, so that they can have an accurate record of the event attendance. The capability is available through the bulk enrollment: Event ⇒ Roster ⇒ Add Attendees for events that have started. [Events]

  • Improved session cutoffs: Sessions cutoffs are now configurable through three separate settings to facilitate a better separation of concerns: "Booking Opens Cutoff", "Booking Closes Cutoff", and "Cancellation Cutoff". Additionally, we extended the set of options. [Programs] [Mentorship]

  • Additional options for session reminders: We updated the set of options to include hour-level resolution. The reminders are configurable through Settings ⇒ Programs & Mentoring ⇒ Notifications. [Programs] [Mentorship]

  • Additional data added to CSV exports: We have added new columns to the CSV export of Event Enrollment, Program Sessions, Program Session Enrollments, Mentorship, and Survey Answers. Now we'll display the following information for all relevant related users: Id, title, name, department, email, and location. [Data Exports]

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed a cosmetic bug in event types embedded in tracks where the description conflicted with the title. [Tracks] [Event Types]

  • We fixed the "Add Existing Snippet" option on the track creation. [Tracks]

  • We added support for the "Video" pill on the Catalog discovery. [Catalog]

  • We adjusted a regression that was causing the Catalog filters sidebar to be closed by default. [Catalog]

  • We fixed the rendering of an event type in a track. [Tracks] [Event Types]

  • We fixed a bug that was preventing end-users from deleting event types that they had created. [Event Types]

  • We fixed the ordering of event type context menus to be consistent with other learning types. [Event Types]

  • We fixed a cosmetic bug affecting the hover of upcoming events in the event type page. [Event Types]

  • We removed the "New" button, which was available to end-users on the groups dashboard, although they don't have permission to create new groups. [Dashboards]

  • We adjusted notifications settings for disabling event check-in and waitlist reminders which broke at an event type level. [Event Types]

  • We fixed a bug causing the Event Type page not to load if there was no organizer. [Event Types]

  • We clarified on event type cards that the "people attended" stats referred to "enrollments". [Event Types]

  • We adjusted the Download as CSV filename to include its extension. [Platform]

  • We fixed a bug in the video notifications that was wrongly linking to an article's page. [Videos]

  • We differentiated event names by adding a timestamp when exporting individual surveys. [Platform]

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