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Release Notes: November 03, 2021
Release Notes: November 03, 2021
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Minor Improvements

  • Show outside-learning-hours badge for events and sessions [Improvement] [Platform]: Now, if an event or a session is outside a user’s learning hours, they will see a moon icon next to their time so they can easily identify it.

  • Filter Catalog discovery items by selected tags [Improvement] [Events]: Now, when filtering in the event page, the Catalog Search Discovery section will also filter by the selected tags (alongside the search text, if any).

  • Low event utilization notification [Improvement] [Events]: As an organizer, you can now be notified if one of your upcoming events has too few enrollments, so that you can take corrective actions, such as promote it in other channels, or cancel it altogether. To enable that, head over to Settings > Event Settings > Notifications and set “Low Utilization Notification Offset” and “Low Utilization Notification Threshold”. Alternatively, if you’d like these to just be applied to a specific event type, you may also head over to the event type notification settings’ page in order to set these values.

  • Manage Mentorship Preferences defaults [Improvement] [Sessions]: Default mentorship preferences, both for mentors and mentees, can now be defined at a global level. Choose between “not looking”, “open”, and “actively looking” to set these preferences for newly created users. This setting is available in Settings > Programs & Mentoring > Mentor and Mentee Preferences.

  • Calendar Integration - Force Sync [Improvement] [Platform]: Power users are now able to force a calendar sync (Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar and ICS) for both events and sessions if they need it updated.

  • Export Tracks 2.0 via GraphQL [Improvement] [Tracks] [API]: The new version of Tracks is now available in our GraphQL API.

  • Pre-fill session location when pre-filling the session host [Improvement] [Sessions]: Hosts creating a new session from their profile will now have their location pre-filled as the session’s location.

  • Bulk import events with cover image [Improvement] [Events]: Bulk importing with cover images was a feature we already supported for event types. We have now added the same functionality to the events’ bulk import.

  • Track CSV exports now have the column “completion date” for each track item [Improvement] [Tracks]

  • Added recipient’s timezone tag to notification templates [Improvement] [Platform]

  • Added option to change the maintainer when creating/editing a video [Improvement] [Videos]

  • Added option to change the maintainer when creating/editing an article [Improvement] [Articles]

  • Performance improvements to “My Events” page. [Improvement] [Events]

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that prevented custom event CSV exports to be resolved. [Events]

  • Fixed a bug that caused event invites not to be sent out to their recipients. [Events]

  • Fixed a bug that caused some courses not to be launched. [Courses]

  • Fixed a UI bug that wrongly cropped the track summary’s cover images. [Tracks]

  • Fixed a bug in our Analytics dashboard that made “Program Session Enrollment Count & Hours By Time Interval” show no data. [Platform]

  • Fixed a bug that broke Poster View for non-authenticated users. [Platform]

  • Fixed a bug that broke the event details’ page when the user was already enrolled to another event of that event type. [Events]

  • Fixed a bug that crashed the “My Events” page when navigating to the feedback page. [Events]

  • Fixed a bug that crashed the event type details page when navigating to the event details page and returning. [Event Types]

  • Fixed a bug that removed formatting from the event’s description after multiple saves. [Events]

  • Fixed a UI bug that shortened the user selection field’s width when selecting users to add to a group. [Groups]


Forms Revamp - V1 [Improvement] [Platform]: We have a revamp on our forms coming up! Users will soon be able to benefit from a new UI that is bound to make the experience of creating and managing content easier.

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