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Release Notes: November 17, 2021
Release Notes: November 17, 2021
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Special Attention

New Event ⇒ Schedule [Events]: We have changed the copy in our old “New Event” button to “Schedule an Event” in order to increase consistency throughout the system and diminish confusion regarding whether you’re creating a new event type or scheduling a new event.

Minor Improvements

  • Track Summary [Improvement] [Tracks]: A track summary is now available at tracks’ first pages. There, each content attached to the track will appear as a track step, displaying various pieces of information about it.

  • Track Completion Confirmation [Improvement] [Tracks]: Now, when a track is completed, users will be prompted with the track completion confirmation dialog, through which they will be able to leave feedback to the track if they wish to.

  • Context menu for track items [Improvement] [Tracks]: Content items that belong to a track now show a context menu for easier management.

  • Added event start date to the exported survey responses [Improvement] [Survey Responses]: We added the event start date to the survey responses CSV export for surveys linked to an event. The information will appear under the “Relationship Extra” column.

  • Small improvements around our dropdown select component [Improvement] [Platform]: We made some small tweaks to our dropdown select component, making clear the component is searchable and showing the amount of available options.

  • Avoid double-negative for ICS update confirmation [Improvement] [Events]: We changed the language for our ICS update toggle in our events’ edit confirmation dialog in order to make it less confusing.

  • Optimized discovery page by showing simplified cards [Improvement] [Events]: Cards that appear in the catalog discovery section have been simplified to improve performance.

  • xAPI support [New Feature] [Events, Courses]: Admins can now configure our platform to emit xAPI statements on event check ins and course activities to their LRS. See more.

  • Moved the “join directly” link in Google Calendar invites to the bottom of the event description [Improvement] [Events, Calendar]: This should minimize the confusion of people clicking on this link and skipping the auto-check-ins.

  • Renamed “New Event” to “Schedule” or “Schedule Event” depending on the context [Improvement] [Events]: Minimize the confusion between events (that are scheduled) and event types (that are created) for customers who have relabled event types.

  • Performance improvements around the "Everyone" tab in session roster [Improvement] [Sessions].

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that made “due date” show up in notifications even when no due date was selected. [Notifications] [Platform]

  • Fixed a bug that made video links break if a colon was present in the title. [Videos]

  • Fixed a bug that removed validations for the authors and groups fields in the articles form. [Articles]

  • Fixed a bug that made the unified catalog page awkward-looking in ultra-wide monitors. [Platform]

  • Fixed a bug that broke ordering by "Name (A-Z)" on rosters. [Platform]


Forms Revamp - V1 [Improvement] [Platform]: We have a revamp on our forms coming up! Users will soon be able to benefit from a new UI that is bound to make the experience of creating and managing content easier.

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