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Release Notes: May 18, 2021
Release Notes: May 18, 2021
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Feature Spotlight

Apply to Existing Events [New Feature] [Events]: When editing an Event Type, maintainers will now be able to select which properties they wish to apply to existing Events. Before, it was only possible to update the cover image, description, and categories. Now it's possible also to update other fields, selecting if the changes apply to future events, past events, or all events. The new feature is accessible through a new button, "Apply to Existing Events" available on the Event Type form.

Support for eLearning Courses [New Feature] [Platform]: eLearning Courses are now available to all Admins and Organizers through the Catalog. To enable, check our "Enable eLearning" HC article. Currently, Admins and Organizers can import Courses, and end-users can launch and engage with the content. More improvements are coming soon! Check more details below.

Admins and Organizers can Import a Course (SCORM/xAPI/AICC/cmi5), Save Draft, Publish, Preview the content, and Manage Assignees by assigning or unassigning them to a Course.

Additionally, maintainers can manage Advanced Course Settings.

Once Courses are uploaded, users can discover the content, launch, and automatically update consumption progress.

As with other content, they can also rate and view feedback from other end-users.

Minor Improvements

  • Edit Events in bulk with properties inherited from Event Types: While editing Events in bulk, If you want to leverage the info that's already available at the Event Type level so that you don't have to repeatedly use redundant info in the CSV file, set the field to [inherit]. This helps treat the Event Type as the source of truth for the common event properties - rather than the CSV document. The inheritable fields are: Name, Presenters, Organizer, Co-Organizer, Description, Cover, Topics, Location, Enrollment Link, Enrollment Instructions, Enrollment Cap, Waitlist Cap, Online Enrollment Cap, Online Waitlist Cap, Private, Is Online, and Is In Person. For more information, check the "How to Edit Events in bulk" HC article. [Events]

  • Additional log trails: We added additional data to our log trails to assist support investigations. [Platform]

  • Improved Courses email templates: We made minor improvements to the Courses email notifications templates. [Courses]

  • Added presenters to the Event email templates: Similarly to {{ co_organizers }}, we added new tags for {{ presenters }}, {{ }}, and {{ }}that can be used in the templates. [Events]

  • Added a new Courses setting: We added the option to "Share learner name and email with our eLearning provider when a new registration is created.". The new setting is disabled by default. [Courses]

Bug Fixes

  • We improved the copy on invites to remove confusion about when to click on the VC fall-back link. [Events]

  • We fixed mentors without location breaking the Mentorship page. [Mentorship]

  • Users accessing the Catalog will view the content by "Upcoming" by default. [Catalog]

  • We fixed a few cosmetic bugs in the rosters. [Events] [Self-paced]

  • We fixed a major bug not displaying all users on the self-paced content roster. [Self-paced]

  • We fixed a permissions bug in the self-paced content preventing organizers from creating courses. [Self-paced] [Courses]

  • We fixed a minor bug in the additional filters when editing snippets. [Tracks & Snippets]

  • We fixed a minor bug when creating a new track and hitting back, which created another new track. [Tracks & Snippets]

  • We fixed a bug in the Event Type page, causing the page to crash. [Events]

  • We fixed a minor bug when sending feedback to video content. [Videos]


Mentorship Roles & Preferences [Early Access] [Mentorship]: Admins will soon be able to enable Mentorship Preferences to all users. With this feature, users can share their preferences as mentors, indicating if they are open to mentoring peers or actively looking for mentees. Following the same line, they will also be able to set their preferences as mentees.

Users will also notice that the Mentorship page and cards UI have been revamped as part of the effort, and an improved experience will be available.

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