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Release Notes: June 15, 2021
Release Notes: June 15, 2021
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Feature Spotlight

New "Any person can create an event type" & "Any event type organizer can schedule events of that type" options [New Feature] [Event Types] [Events]: Admins can empower any user to create an event type. To enable the option, go to Settings > Event Settings. The new Event Type option will appear to all users through the Catalog if the option is enabled. In addition, admins can also allow these users to schedule events of that type.

Mentor engaging a Mentee [Early Access] [Mentorship]: Admins can enable Mentorship Preferences to all users. With this feature, users can share their preferences as mentors, indicating if they are open to mentoring peers or actively looking for mentees. Following the same line, they will also be able to set their preferences as mentees.

To enable the capability, go to Settings > Programs & Mentoring:

The selected preference is displayed on the Mentor/Mentee's profile page:

In addition, Mentors can search for Mentees and engage with them, requesting to mentor.

After receiving a request, the mentee should review and accept or dismiss. The requests list is available on the new "My Mentorship Requests'' page. To accept the request, they must book or request a session with the mentor.

Minor Improvements

  • My Sessions improvements: We made minor UI improvements to the session cards. [Mentorship] [Programs]

  • More Groups displayed on the roster: We increased the maximum number of groups shown on the assignments roster to 100 to facilitate discoverability. [Platform]

  • Cover pills removed: To reduce visual noise, we removed the "Online" visual pill from the event and event card cover images. We also removed the "Event Type" pill from the event card. [Events]

  • Performance improvements: We optimized events and enrollment endpoints. [Events]

  • Improved error reporting: We improved end-user error reporting for the Events, Program Sessions, Catalog, and Mentorship pages. [Platform]

  • Improved loading on settings pages: We removed an unnecessary loading indicator from the settings pages for a more seamless experience. [Platform]

  • Additional Reports: We added new audience reports to the list. [Reports]

  • New HC articles: We documented how to Enable LinkedIn Learning Integration, how to Import LinkedIn Learning Course, and we extended the How to Customize Notification Templates. [Platform]

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed the formatting of content delete confirmation dialogs. UI was adjusted to improve usability. [Platform]

  • We renamed surveys "options" to "settings" as this field was updated internally and had not been reflected in the GraphQL API. [Platform]

  • We fixed a bug hiding the link to the My Sessions page when only the Catalog was enabled. [Platform]

  • We fixed a cosmetic bug in event cards with multiple time slots. [Events]

  • We fixed a bug syncing course registrations before the user launched the course. [Courses]

  • We fixed a link in the course's email notification. [Courses]

  • We fixed a bug preventing users from launching a course when assigned through a group with a due date. [Courses]

  • We fixed a bug that occurred when editing an event type and choosing to apply changes to the existing events. [Event Types]

  • We fixed a bug not redirecting admins to an Event Type's page or the Catalog after editing that event type. [Event Types]

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