Now that your PlusPlus instance has LinkedIn Learning Integration enabled, you want to import a new LinkedIn Learning course (or an individual video lesson) into your PlusPlus catalog, for each discovery and tracking, but you are not sure how.


Importing a course/lesson from LinkedIn Learning into PlusPlus is a two-step process:

  1. Export course/lesson from LinkedIn Learning as an AICC package

  2. Import into PlusPlus as an eLearning course


Log into your LinkedIn Learning account as a Learning admin.

To export a course package:

  1. From Learning Management click Me

  2. Navigate to IntegratePlayback IntegrationsSelect AICC Package

  3. Choose the package(s) you wish to download

  4. Click Download package

To export an individual course or learning path package:

  1. From Learning Management select Content

  2. Locate and click on the course or learning path you wish to download

  3. Click on More and select Download AICC package from the dropdown

To export an individual video lesson:

  1. Once you log in, click Go to Admin

  2. Search for the course that contains the video you’d like to export, or click Content to explore the library for courses and videos

  3. When you’ve located the video you’d like to add, click More and select Download AICC package


On the PlusPlus platform, import as an eLearning course each LinkedIn Learning AICC course package that you downloaded.


While regular eLearning courses (e.g. SCORM) contain all of the course content, LinkedIn Learning AICC packages only include the meta info about the course (e.g. title and its location).

When your users launch LinkedIn Learning courses from PlusPlus, they will be redirected to LinkedIn Learning where they will consume the course content (e.g. watch videos). In turn, LinkedIn Learning will automatically report their course completions back to PlusPlus so that you can easily track their progress.

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