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How to enable LinkedIn Learning integration
How to enable LinkedIn Learning integration

Learn how to turn on the ability to bring your LinkedIn Learning courses into PlusPlus.

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As an admin or content owner, you want to have the ability to bring LinkedIn Learning content into your PlusPlus Catalog.


Enable the LinkedIn Learning integration, following these steps:

On LinkedIn Learning

On the LinkedIn Learning platform, you'll need to enable AICC integration and configure the LMS hostname for progress reporting:

  1. As a Learning admin, log into your LinkedIn Learning account.

  2. From Learning Management, click Me.

  3. Navigate to Integrate > Playback Integrations > Configure AICC.

  4. Enter "" in Hostname(s).

  5. Make sure the Enable AICC integration option is checked.

On PlusPlus

In PlusPlus, you'll need to enable eLearning course if you haven't already.

Go deeper

LinkedIn Learning integrates with PlusPlus via version 4.0 of the AICC standard.

By enabling AICC integration, you are making it possible to export course meta-data from LinkedIn Learning as AICC packages, and then import them into another AICC-compatible system, such as PlusPlus's eLearning engine provided by SCORM Cloud.

By configuring as the LMS hostname, you are instructing LinkedIn Learning to report on your learners' completions of LinkedIn Learning courses to SCORM Cloud, which in turn reports it to PlusPlus.


  • LinkedIn Learning will only report on completions of courses that were launched from PlusPlus. If a learner launches a course directly within LinkedIn Learning, those completions will not be reported to SCORM Cloud or our platform.

  • It's possible that your LinkedIn Learning configuration already lists as an LMS hostname. That may happen if another learning platform, which also depends on SCORM Cloud as its eLearning backend, has already been integrated with your LinkedIn Learning instance. That's OK, since SCORM Cloud will automatically know where to route completion data based on where each course was launched from.

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