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Release Notes: December 28, 2021
Release Notes: December 28, 2021
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Special Attention

Platform Support: Platform support won’t be available on December 31st. Happy holidays!

Minor Improvements

  • New surveys dialog [Improvement] [Events]: We have a shiny new survey dialog in place to match our forms revamp! Check it out by heading to events or event types and clicking the “Manage Surveys” option under their context menus.

  • Move Save & Duplicate under the context menu [Improvement] [Platform]: We’ve moved the “Save & Duplicate” option into the context menu on our new forms

  • Copy attendees & waitlisted emails [Improvement] [Events]: We have removed the option to bulk email attendees in favor of adding two options under events’ context menus which allow users to copy attendees & waitlisted people’s emails.

  • Improved visualization of Cloud Docs [Improvement] [Platform]: We made embedded Cloud Docs taller to improve visualization.

  • Duration pills for events [Improvement] [Events]: We now show pills for events so users can better visualize durations.

  • Reduced assignment notifications noise for tracks [Improvement] [Tracks]: We consolidated assignment notifications for tracks and its content items into a single notification in order to reduce noise.

  • Improvements around deleted location interactions throughout the system [Improvement] [Platform]: We’ve added the “(deleted)” suffix to some places it’s important to alert that a certain location is deleted. We’re also enforcing this through a validation message on the user’s profile edition page from now on.

  • Performance improvements around the feedback carousel [Improvement] [Platform]

  • General performance improvements [Improvement] [Platform]: We have rolled out a couple of performance improvements which will render shorter wait times when using the system overall.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that happened when filtering by mentor groups. [Dashboard] [Groups]

  • Fixed a bug which prevented some flexible filters from appearing in the user’s profile. [Platform] [Users]

  • Fixed a bug which sent some confirmation notifications before their actions were actually done. [Platform] [Notifications]

  • Fixed issue which prevented filters from working properly on program reports. [Reports] [Programs]

  • Fixed event bulk import errors when importing events with covers. [Dashboard] [Events]


  • Allow maintainers to update course versions [Improvement] [Courses]: Maintainers will soon be able to upload new versions of their courses, which will take effect for users who aren’t registered yet.

  • Surveys for content items [Improvement] [Platform]: We’re extending our surveys support from just events & event types to other content items. You’ll soon be able to experience surveys on tracks, courses and videos!

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