Feature Spotlight

Survey Responses Dashboard [Improvement] [Dashboards]: We’ve extended our surveys dashboards to make it possible to see and export survey responses for a given survey based on flexible criteria so that you can get better insights from users.

Minor Improvements

  • GraphQL API parity [Improvement] [Platform]: On top of the existing information we already provide through our API, we introduced parity so it now provides any information found in our dashboards.

  • More filtering options for rosters’ bulk assignments [Improvement] [Platform]: We’ve added two new filters to the rosters’ bulk assignments. Power users can now filter by user manager and hire date.

  • Relaunching a completed course [Improvement] [Platform]: Users are now able to relaunch courses they’ve completed.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that prevented users from setting “time to complete” for tracks and event types. [Platform]

  • Fixed a bug that treated Degreed’s client_id as type and input “plain text”. [Integrations]

  • Fixed a bug that caused some feedback notifications to be sent at the wrong time. [Platform]

  • Fixed a bug that caused the hidden option not to work for event types. [Event Types]

  • Fixed a bug that caused everyone in the system to appear as members of a group. [Groups]

  • Fixed a bug that made some settings inputs display wrong values. [Platform]

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the usage of categories filters in the catalog and in the events filter pages. [Platform]

  • Fixed a bug that prevented some tags from being displayed throughout the system. [Platform]

  • Fixed a bug that made newly created event types to have their extra_blurb filled as “None”. [Event Types]

  • Fixed a bug that caused event types with the enrollment method “Online” to also be created as “In Person”.

  • Fixed a bug that made Content Item rosters crash. [Platform]


  • Revamped Content Item headers [Improvement] [Platform]: We’re close to releasing a new layout for content item headers (event types, programs, courses, articles, and videos). Users will soon be able to benefit from a sleeker UI and more information about their content items.

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