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Release Notes: April 05, 2022
Release Notes: April 05, 2022
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Feature Spotlight

Content Item resources [Feature] [Content Items]: We’ve released resources for Content Items! Just like with Office Hours for Content Items, users are now able to attach links to Content Items in order to help learners with their content!

Tasks [Feature] [Content Items]: For too long facilitators were forced to use Articles in their tracks as a way to direct users to take a certain action. This caused unnecessary bloat in the article catalog. Introducing Tasks, facilitators of a track can now create a Track only "to-do" list for their users.

Minor Improvements

  • Elevated permissions for organizers [Improvement] [Platform]: Organizers can now access all dashboard pages except for Program/Office Hour & Mentorship enrollments. They can also create Programs/Office Hours!

  • Improve usability of the track item selection flow [Improvement] [Tracks]: We’ve unified the track item selection dialog so multiple types can be filtered, selected and added from a single place.

  • Improve usability of Track Summary [Improvement] [Tracks]: We’ve performed a couple of cosmetic changes in our Track Summary. It’s now easier to visualize due dates and personal completion status.

  • We’ve also moved the track progress pill into a separate dialog so facilitators can still have access to the completion data summary.

  • Make it easy/obvious to resume a track [Improvement] [Tracks]: We made changes to the “Start” and “Drop” track buttons. Users are now able to preview a track and “Resume” will take them to the first incomplete track item.

  • Improve usability of Request a session for Mentorship [Improvement] [Mentorship]: The “Request a Session” button is now more prominent on the Mentors profile page. We also updated the button to be above the fold when there are no available mentor sessions to choose from.

  • Upcoming events component in event type page [Improvement] [Content Items]: We’ve revamped our upcoming events component in the event type page!

  • Added support for publishing Panopto videos [New Feature] [Videos]

  • Added support for publishing Descript videos [New Feature] [Videos]

  • Improved and modified Assignments CSV exports [Improvement] [Content Items]

    • All exports now happen immediately, so there’s no need to wait for an email with a download link, even with 100K+ assignments

    • Renamed columns (Id ⇒ ID, Content Length ⇒ Content Duration, User ⇒ Assignee)

    • Added columns (Content Type, Assignee Employee ID)

    • Removed columns (Last Progress Date, Current Progress)

    • Populated column values (Content ID, Content Name, Assignee Manager)

    • Changed column values (“n/a” ⇒ “” for track item completions)

  • Bulk import inheritance functionality [Improvement] [Office Hours]: We’ve released a new inheritance option for the event type bulk import feature: watch_link.

  • Replace default tag with icon [Improvement] [Settings]: We cleaned up the content item settings UI (forms) and now show icons instead of tags for displaying certain settings as “Default” or “Custom”.

  • Sticky filter bar show/hide state [Improvement] [Platform]: We now save the show/hide selection for the filter bar, so when users reload the page, their option is respected.

  • Consistently show the User Bubble when hovering over people names/avatars [Improvement] [Platform].

  • Improved Google Calendar room availability error messages to make them more descriptive. [Improvement] [Platform]

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused the track header not to be aligned with its body. [Tracks]

  • Fixed a bug that caused inconsistent handling of event tag filters. [Events]

  • Fixed a bug that caused a crash when saving events once Google Calendar resources were toggled on and off. [Events]

  • Fixed a bug that made the SCORM Cloud course redirection always redirect to the course’s page, regardless of the origin. [Courses]

  • Fixed a bug that caused the due dates preview not to work in the manage assignments roster. [Content Items]

  • Fixed a bug around the feedback count for events. [Events]

  • Fixed a bug that prevented users from saving their changes on the user profile edit page. [Users]

  • Fixed a bug that made “Invalid date” show up when editing the due date on rosters. [Content Items]

  • Fixed a bug around mentorship stats that caused wrong counts to be displayed. [Mentorship]

  • Fixed a bug that impeded admins from accessing the API token. [API]

  • Fixed a bug that caused long track item descriptions to overflow. [Tracks]

  • Fixed a bug that made duplicating an event with multiple sessions only copy the first one. [Events]

  • Fixed a bug that made the survey reminder option break in the new UI. [Surveys]

  • Fixed a bug that made the track item block render incorrectly in 13” screens. [Tracks]

  • Fixed a bug that made some items with compatible learning hours appear as out of users’ learning hours. [Platform]

  • Fixed a bug that made the due date be displayed as an empty string on email notifications. [Notifications]

  • Fixed a bug that made maintainers not able to mark courses as complete. [Courses]

  • Fixed a bug that caused empty and missing columns on CSV export. [Content Items]

  • Fixed a bug that made the people container break when there were many organizers. [Events]

  • Fixed a bug that caused the Survey Instances export to break. [Surveys]

  • Fixed a bug that caused the “my learning content” page layout to break when task cards were displayed. [Content Items]

  • Fixed a bug that broke the event type CSV export. [Event Types]

  • Fixed a bug that made the “Access Notification Templates” button break, rendering the page inaccessible. [Settings]

  • Fixed a bug that made the “Add Person” button invisible. [Dashboard]

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