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Release Notes: March 22, 2022
Release Notes: March 22, 2022
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Feature Spotlight

New Settings UI [New Feature] [Platform]: We’ve released v1 of our new settings UI! 🎉 Admins will notice a big change in design and functionality when accessing the settings page.

Minor Improvements

  • Revamped Programs/Office Hours page [Improvement] [Office Hours]: We’ve released the first version of our revamp to the Programs/Office Hours details page. It now matches the design we already have for other content items.

  • UI changes around track details page [Improvement] [Tracks]: We’ve done some small improvements on the track details page. Engagement, facilitators & feedback info have been moved upwards to facilitate the visualization.

  • Hide filter bar by default [Improvement] [Platform]: The filter bar is now hidden by default so users can focus on the content first.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that impeded users to book program sessions after interacting with the carousel. [Programs]

  • Fixed a bug that caused course assignments belonging to a track to be inconsistent. [Tracks] [Courses]

  • Fixed a bug that made the “Switch to In-Person” and “Switch to Online” actions load indefinitely. [Events]

  • Fixed a bug that caused an error to be displayed when the event form was saved with an empty enrollment cap. [Events]

  • Fixed a bug that made the “Unenroll” action appear in past sessions. [Sessions]

  • Fixed a UI bug that showed the online icon for in-person actions. [Platform]

  • Fixed a bug that allowed negative event capacity values to be saved. [Events]

  • Fixed some small UI issues with the new split button. [Platform]

  • Fixed a bug that made the dropdown button in the manage assignments roster unable to be clicked at. [Content Items]

  • Fixed a bug that caused the origin URL parameter to be ignored on the new program sessions form. [Programs]

  • Fixed a bug that caused ICS invites not to be sent to organizers and presenters. [Events]

  • Fixed a bug that caused some event type fields not to be propagated to events. [Event Types]

  • Fixed a bug that prevented users from sending media files through our support chat. [Intercom]

  • Fixed a bug that made soft deleted assignments to be included in the CSV exports. [Content Items]

  • Fixed a bug that made the check-in action not to work. [Events]

  • Fixed a UI bug that made the feedback stars wrap on smaller screens. [Platform]


Content Item resources [Feature] [Content Items]: We’re close to releasing resources for Content Items. Just like with Office Hours for Content Items, users will be able to attach links to Content Items in order to help learners with their content!

Tasks [Feature] [Content Items]: Tasks are coming up soon as a new flavor of content item! Facilitators will be able to assign people to tasks and have them complete them for tracking purposes.

Upcoming events component in event type page [Improvement] [Content Items]: We’re releasing a revamp to our upcoming events component in the event type page. The navigation will soon feel more fluid and complete.

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