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Release Notes: October 05, 2021
Release Notes: October 05, 2021
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Feature Spotlight

Assignments Dashboard [New Feature] [Platform]: Assignments are now available for admins through the Assignments Dashboard. Admins are able to see all content assignments in just one place. They may also filter by content, content type, assignee, categories & tags, period of creation or completion status. On top of that, the dashboard also supports CSV exports.

Bulk Import/Export Event Types [New Feature] [Data Exports]: Bulk import/export of event types is now available to organizers. We hope to reduce the burden of dealing with manual data copying, one at a time. The new functionality is available through the Event Type Dashboard. Please note that importing is an add-only operation, so no updates or deletions are supported. To learn more and get a template file, check the "How to bulk import Event Types" HC article.

Automatic tracking of video completion [Videos]: Video assignments may now be completed just by watching! Content creators can set this up in the video edit form and choose what is the minimum percentage for a video to be considered complete, as well as toggle this feature on or off for that certain video.

Special Attention

Removal of Additional Locations [Deprecation Warning] [Platform]: We launched Is Friendly To My Time event filter on March 23 to make it easier for the end-users to discover online events that better fit into their time-zone-aware schedule, regardless of their physical location. Similarly, we're launching in the upcoming week the same filter for Mentorship sessions. With that in place, we find little value in having the organizers and hosts manually curate the list of additional locations where their events/sessions show up in. As a result, we will be deprecating the Additional Locations feature soon. If you have any concerns/suggestions, please reach out to your admin or your PlusPlus Customer Success Manager.

Minor Improvements

  • Improved users profile UI [Improvement] [Platform]: A user's manager info is now highlighted on the user profile, and hovering the info shows a popover with a mini-profile.

  • Inherited surveys relationships on bulk event Import: Survey relationships are now inherited when bulk creating events based on event types. Please note that existing survey relationships will never be overridden in an edition. [Platform] [Event Types] [Events]

  • Merged and ordered sections in My Sessions: We’ve improved the experience in our “My Sessions” page by merging some of the sections. Past sessions are also now ordered by latest. [Sessions]

  • Improved My Mentorship Requests to show requests received/sent: Never forget what’s in your mentorship requests outbox again! We’ve added a page where users can track their mentorship requests, both received and sent. [Sessions]

  • Session request from Mentee to Mentor includes a link to create a session: We’ve added a link to create a session directly from session request emails. In addition to that, the info for participants will come pre-populated once you click the link. [Sessions]

  • Smart start-date default for Bulk Duplicate Events/Sessions: We’ve improved our smart-date defaults for bulk duplicate sessions and events. [Platform]

  • Included manager info in all CSV reports: We now include, by default, manager info in all of our CSV reports. [Platform]

  • Ability to create a Mentorship Session from your Profile: Users are now able to create mentorship sessions from their own profiles. [Sessions]

  • Removed Request a Session & I want to Mentor You from your own Profile. [Sessions]

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug which prevented groups from appearing in the dashboard unless the user searched for something. [Platform]

  • Fixed a bug that was causing the confirmation step to be skipped when duplicating events and sessions. [Platform]

  • Fixed an issue that caused completion statuses for content assignments to not update when they were marked as complete. [Platform]

  • Fixed a bug that made the add content modal crash when the author of the content was deleted. [Platform]

  • We fixed a cosmetic bug in the groups’ add people modal. [People]

  • Fixed an issue that listed more than one assignment per user in some content rosters. [Platform]

  • Fixed broken “load more” button on content rosters. [Platform]

  • Fixed bug which converted the user’s local timezone twice when showing event sessions in the dashboard. [Events]

  • Fixed a performance problem that would cause group member listings to crash if there were too many people in that group. [People]

  • Fixed a bug that prevented program sessions from being created with a selected attendee. [Sessions]

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