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Release Notes: May 19, 2022
Release Notes: May 19, 2022
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Feature Spotlight

Archive & Unarchive Content Items [New Feature] [Catalog]: Content owners can choose to remove and optionally bring back to life all PlusPlus content items. With this new capability, they can get rid of the old clutter from the Catalog without worrying about disrupting other contents that depend on what they want to remove. Note that the delete option now appears after you've archived the content.

Additionally, they can filter the items by status and ownership in the Catalog.

Additional Filters in the People Dashboard [New Features] [Dashboards]: Admins can opt which fields they want to filter their People dashboard data. The available fields include People integration fields, which provide more flexibility and control when segmenting and exporting the data.

Minor Improvements

  • Alphabetized flexible filters [Improvement] [Platform]: Flexible filters are sorted alphabetically in all searches in the Platform (Events listing, Mentorship, Catalog, Dashboards).

  • Improvements on "Apply to Existing Events" [Improvement] [Event Type]: Event Type owners don't have to go through the "Apply to Existing Events" flow every time they are making an update. The form now features the "Save & Apply" as a secondary option to the "Save" button.

  • Performance Improvements to the Catalog and Events pages [Improvement] [Events] [Catalog]

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug making the "Time to complete" field not stick on forms. [Events] [Office Hours] [Content Items]

  • Fixed an edge case bug causing the Tracks layout panel to overflow in a specific breakpoint. [Tracks]

  • Fixed the Google Calendar authorization experience. [Integrations]

  • Fixed rosters missing "Copy Emails" and "Download as CSV". [Content Items]

  • Fixed "Add Assignees" rosters "Assign" button being cut out. [Content Items]

  • Fixed third-party surveys not being sent. [Platform]

  • Fixed issues with the "Search by keyword" filter not working as expected. [Platform]

  • Fixed an edge case bug making the Event Type People panel not show up sometimes. [Event Types]

  • Fixed content headers with tags from breaking the UI. [Platform]

  • Fixed an incorrect URL sent on the Course upload notification. [Courses]

  • Fixed the timeslots not being required when scheduling an Event. [Events]

  • Fixed Outside learning hours showing on all events. [Events]

  • Fixed Event Types showing the hidden tag when they were public. [Event Types]

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